Rear view of a blue volkswagen Golf R Estate

What is it?

Volkswagen’s latest Golf R has arrived and made a big impact in the process, with this latest generation of the firm’s punchy hatchback delivering more technology than before alongside a boatload of pace and performance.

But what if you’d like a Golf R but need a little extra space? That’s where the Estate version comes in. It promises the same sharp acceleration as the hatch but adds in some practicality for good measure. Let’s check it out.

What’s new?

This new Golf R Estate is the most powerful incarnation to date, showing that Volkswagen really isn’t taking its foot off the gas when it comes to performance. Over the regular Golf, this R version brings a 20mm drop in suspension height alongside a variety of go-faster styling touches that help to distinguish this version from the rest of the range.

The interior has been upgraded, too, and features the same relatively button-free setup as you’ll find in the regular Golf.

What’s under the bonnet?

As before, the Golf R Estate utilises a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine. However, thanks to increases in power and torque, it now kicks out a total of 316bhp and 420Nm, driven to all four wheels through an automatic gearbox. It’s enough punch to get the Golf R Estate from 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds, in fact.

The all-wheel-drive system on the Golf R Estate has also been retuned, meaning that it can now not only divide power between the front and rear wheels, but can also split it between the rear wheels.

What’s it like to drive?

The Golf R’s classic traits are still present and correct in this new model. It’s dependable and very easy to drive quickly, with that all-wheel-drive system providing plenty of traction as and when you need it. It might not ultimately be quite as involving as the GTI, but for making quick, unflustered progress it’s right up there.

In fact, the new Golf R Estate feels even quicker than the figures suggest, with its straight-line performance being particularly impressive.

rear view of a blue volkswagen golf r estate with a dog coming out of an open boot
Close up view of a volkswagen golf r estate seats

How does it look?

The Golf R Estate has always offered a great way of translating performance in an understated way and that is still the case with this new model. Sure, the quad exhaust pipes do give some indication that this isn’t an ‘ordinary’ Golf estate car, but elsewhere it’s not as over-the-top as you might expect a car like this to be.

There are larger air intakes at the front while some small ‘R’ badging can be found in the front grille, but this is one understated affair. We’d argue that the effect is taking one step further in this Estate version, too.

What’s it like inside?

As we’ve already mentioned, the new Golf R Estate adopts the same relatively button-less cabin as the standard Golf. That means it all feels quite clean and uncluttered, with the whole switchgear area in particular looking pretty stripped-back.

Of course, the real benefit of this new Estate version is added boot space. So you get 611 litres of seats-up room, which is considerably more than the 374 litres you get in the hatch version.

What’s the spec like?

Since the Golf R acts as the flagship for the Golf range, it’s kitted out with loads of standard equipment. Highlights include a 10-inch infotainment system with media and navigation functions, as well as a second 10-inch driver display behind the steering wheel. This latter screen can be configured to show a variety of different readouts, too.

Plus, you get a full ambient lighting system, three-zone climate control and a heated steering wheel.


With performance and practicality combined, the Golf R Estate feels like the ideal everyday quick car. It’s pacier than before, that’s for sure, but with a well-sized boot and plenty of standard equipment, it feels far more than just a straight-line stormer.

Again, it may not be quite as sharp as the GTI to drive, but given its all-weather traction and speedy acceleration, the R Estate might be the one that most people lean towards.

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Front view of a blue Volkswagen Golf R Estate



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