We’ve been behind the wheel of the 508 Hybrid to find out what it’s like. 

peugeot 508 hybrid

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What is it?

We’ve already showcased our love for the 508’s looks. It’s a car which has helped to move Peugeot upmarket, with its sleek and stylish appearance transforming it into a genuine alternative to popular rivals. 

It’s been going up against cars like the Volkswagen Passat and Vauxhall Insignia since it arrived in 2018, but now Peugeot has aimed to increase its popularity with the introduction of a new company car-friendly plug-in hybrid model. We’ve been behind the wheel to find out what it’s like. 

What’s new?

Though the 508 has already been on sale for close to three years, its looks are standing up to the test of time. So the only thing which has been changed here is that powertrain, forming part of Peugeot’s plans to offer all of its cars with a hybrid or full electric.

Given the 508’s shape and size, the plug-in hybrid powertrain is particularly crucial to the 508’s success in the company car market. It arrives with a benefit-in-kind of 10 per cent, too, thanks to its low emissions. 

peugeot 508 hybrid

What’s under the bonnet?

Though the PHEV powertrain is fresh for the 508, it’s one that is used across the wider Peugeot brand already. It blends a turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor, combining for a total of 222bhp. It means 0-60mph will take 8.1 seconds, while allowing the 508 to hit 155mph flat-out. 

Thanks to an 11.8kWh battery, the 508 should be able to achieve between 33 and 39 miles of electric-only range. Charge the battery via a 7kW charger and it’ll take less than two hours, while Peugeot claims around 200mpg with the batteries fully topped up. Emissions are impressively low at 33g/km CO2, too. 

What’s it like to drive?

Though the 508 features a sporty exterior, it’s a car that favours the more comfortable side of things instead. Despite riding on 19-inch wheels it’s comfortable and feels supple when travelling at higher speeds. 

The automatic switch between electric and petrol power is seamless too, and even when Sport mode is selected it never feels overly urgent. The eight-speed automatic gearbox can feel hesitant at times, too. 

How does it look?

Peugeot is on a hot streak when it comes to design, with almost all models in its range showing up the competition in terms of looks.

The Peugeot 508 really has taken things one stage further, too. The frameless grille is stylish, while the ‘claw’ LED headlights really turn heads. Both the front and rear lights display a fancy pattern when locked and unlocked - something we’ve previously only seen on high-end Audis. 

peugeot 508 hybrid

What’s it like inside?

That premium feel is carried over from the outside to the inside, too. You get configurable digital dials ahead of the driver, as well as a 10-inch touchscreen which is controlled by cool aircraft-style toggle switches. 

It’s a futuristic cabin, but one which is backed up by a good range of materials and an excellent level of build quality. 

What’s the spec like?

Entry-level Allure models bring blind-spot monitoring, a reversing camera and keyless entry, among other features. Move up to GT Line and you’ll gain wireless smartphone charging, those eye-catching LED headlights and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Range-topping GT cars boast the most features of all, with highlights including electric massaging front seats, leather upholstery and a premium sound system.

When it comes to pricing, the Hybrid starts from £34,945 - around £2,000 more than a regular petrol model. 


The choice to offer a plug-in hybrid 508 model is a clever one as it opens the car up to all manner of new buyers who might not have been tempted by the standard car. 

Though the driving experience isn’t quite as sporty as the car’s looks would lead you to believe, the 508’s classy interior and comfortable experience make it easy to recommend. 

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