It’s that time of year again, where the night skies are illuminated by a mesmerising display of colours and bangs. Bonfire Night brings not just the historical tale of Guy Fawkes, but a coming together of communities across the nation.

Yet, amidst the “Oohs!” and “Aahs!” of the dazzling firework displays lurks an often overlooked concern: the well-being of our trusty vehicles. While our heads turn to the sky, our vehicles can become victims of stray sparks and descending debris.

Casting our minds back to the Bonfire Night period of 2021 (1st to 6th November), the London Fire Brigade found themselves inundated with approximately 2,170 emergency calls. A staggering 20% of these calls were from Bonfire Night itself, highlighting the potential risks that come with these explosive celebrations.


Why Bonfire Night Can Be So Dangerous For Your Vehicle

We understand the joy fireworks can bring, but we also know the potential hazards they pose to our beloved vehicles. With a state-of-the-art body shop approved by 11 leading manufacturers, we’ve seen all kinds of vehicle damage over the years and we know how difficult it can be to keep your car sparkling (the good kind) on Bonfire Night.

Those dazzling sparks in the sky may seem harmless, but if hot ash falls onto your vehicle, it can leave your trusty ride covered in burn marks. And it doesn’t stop there - even cool ash can cause damage. If it gets wet, the water can activate chemicals inside the cold ash that then eats away at your car’s paint. What’s that saying? When it rains, it pours.

But fireworks aren’t the only danger on Bonfire Night. We’ve all tried to write our names into the air with some sparklers, or have watched kids become completely mesmerised by their glow. They bring endless fun; just make sure to keep your car’s windows and sunroofs shut. If a stray spark gets inside, it can only take a matter of seconds to turn into a full blown vehicle fire.

Shielding Your Car From Firework Fuss

When fireworks are fizzing overhead, sending sparks and bits in every direction, it’s smart thinking to keep your car away from the landing zone. Now, protecting your vehicle doesn’t require a degree in rocket science (or firework science, to stay on theme!) - just a bit of common-sense and preparation.

Choosing the right parking spot

If you’re piling into the car and heading to a local firework display, stick to the designated parking areas. Why? Because those organising the show have likely sussed out a spot where cars can stay safe from those fiery fragments. Now you can park up, find that burger van, and enjoy the show, knowing your motor’s out of harm's way.

Add an extra layer of protection

Still a bit worried? Sometimes, extra peace of mind is worth its weight in gold, so you could invest in a car cover. Think of it as a jacket for your vehicle, protecting it from those stray sparkler embers and falling bits of ash.

Keep it covered

Now, if you're hosting your own back garden spectacle (or just keeping the car parked up at home), popping it in a garage is a no-brainer. Don’t have a garage? No problem - just make sure it’s parked away from where the fireworks will be set off. In either scenario, double check to make sure there are no flammable materials nearby.

And don’t forget - if you leave fireworks in your car overnight, they could get damp, leak explosive materials and put your car at risk for a major vehicle fire. So, when you get home, make sure you store them in a cool, dry place.

Aftercare Cleaning: Give Your Car Some TLC

Even if you take all the precautions, your car can still be left needing some TLC after Bonfire Night. Here’s our fool-proof way to get everything back to rights:

Start with a good rinse

First things first – let's get all that loose ash and leftover firework bits off your car. You already know that cold ash and water are a big no-no for your car’s paint, so this might seem counter intuitive. But, if you’re quick enough, the chemicals won't have enough time to activate and your car will be safe from any potential damage. A hose is super for this, but if it's not an option, a few buckets of water will do the job. The goal here? To get all the easy bits off without scratching the car.

Bring in the car shampoo

Use a car shampoo, not the stuff from your shower, to keep your paintwork in top-notch condition. Mix it up as per the instructions, and you’re good to go. The shampoo helps lift that stubborn dirt without being too harsh on your car’s paint.

Wipe everything down

Now, grab a microfibre cloth and gently work around your car. These cloths are fab because they lift the dirt away without leaving behind any unwanted scratches.

A bit of wax for extra shine

This is an optional step, but finishing up with a nice wax can give your car an extra layer of protection. Plus, it'll make the next clean a bit easier – and who doesn’t love a shortcut?

Bonfire Night Bliss, Minus The Car Stress

And there you have it - a snapshot into protecting your trusty vehicle during one of the most dazzling nights of the year. Bonfire Night should be a spectacle of joy and, by keeping mindful of our cars and where they’re parked, you can end the night with only happy memories.

A little foresight really does go a long way. Even beyond the festivities of Bonfire Night, these tips and tricks will protect your vehicle come rain, shine or fireworks!



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