What is it?

Peugeot’s line-up of cars is looking remarkably strong at the moment. You’ve got accomplished hatchbacks, smartly-designed saloons and cars like we’re looking at today - the 3008 - which bring a blend of everything in between. You could say that things are quite rosy for Peugeot at the moment. 

But with such a varied line-up, why should you be considering the 3008? Well, we’re going to check it out today to see just what it’s got to offer. 

Red Peugeot 3008

What’s new?

Peugeot saw fit to give the 3008 a mid-life facelift recently, giving it styling touches which fall closer into line with the rest of the range. You’ve got a smart frameless grille now as a result, alongside even sharper headlights and daytime running lights than before. 

There’s also a new ‘fog mode’ for the headlights, which drops the intensity of the usual dipped beam, meaning that there’s no need for extra headlights. Of course, being a new Peugeot, there’s also some clever technology inside to match the cutting-edge look outside. 

What’s under the bonnet?

As with other Peugeot models, the 3008 is offered with a variety of engine options so that there’s something for everyone. Petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid setups are all available, and while there’s no fully electric version just yet it’s likely on the way.

We got behind the wheel of the top-spec plug-in hybrid model, which blends a petrol engine with a pair of electric motors for 296bhp combined. You also get four-wheel-drive and a range of up to 36 miles in fully electric mode.

Grey Peugeot 3008 headlights
Red Peugeot 3008

How does it drive?

Despite that relatively powerful setup, the 3008 isn’t designed to be a sporty car. No, instead there’s more of a focus on comfort here, though versions on larger wheels do sometimes feel a little overly firm when you’re travelling over rough surfaces.

The steering is nice and quick, mind you, which helps to make the car feel agile and alive - particularly around town. The eight-speed automatic gearbox you get shifts smoothly as well.

How does it look?

The 3008 might be one of the larger cars in Peugeot’s stable, but that doesn’t stop it from being good to look at. In fact, with the recent update to its design, it’s one of the more striking models in its class, with the daytime running lights being a particularly noticeable feature.

Though the front end of the car does have quite an aggressive, sporty feeling to it the rear is far boxier. In fact, in some places it looks a little retro - but it all combines together nicely to make a good-looking car.

What’s it like inside?

It’s all very well having a stylish interior, but if the inside can’t follow suit then it all falls apart. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the 3008, as it’s got a cabin which is just as striking as the exterior. You’ve got plenty of good materials, too, while we like the shortcut toggle switches which help you to navigate the car’s menu more easily.

As on other Peugeot models the 3008’s steering wheel is very dinky in size - it’s part of the firm’s I-Cockpit setup - and does take some getting used to. However, your seating position is nice and raised to give you a good view of the road ahead.

What’s the spec like?

All versions of the 3008 come with plenty of equipment as standard, including that previously mentioned i-Cockpit setup, an eight-inch infotainment display and both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring.

Allure-specification cars gain a larger 10-inch infotainment display, as well as automatic headlights, 18-inch alloy wheels and tinted windows for a more undercover look. Raise through the ranks and you’ll find luxuries like blue LED interior lighting and adaptive cruise control added - though standard models will no doubt have enough equipment for most drivers.

Red Peugeot 3008 interior


If there’s one thing the 3008 brings to the table it’s flair. It feels as though it’s a car that the segment really needs, simply because of its style and character. It’s also well made both inside and out, with some clever and intuitive technology on board.

Thankfully, it’s good to drive too while plug-in hybrid models will be a great option for owners looking to drive down their fuel costs.



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