In a world where boredom is the ultimate enemy, people are willing to go to some lengths to escape its clutches. From sacrificing an entire day to TikTok to having a family bag of crisps to yourself, we are always seeking sanctuary away from monotony. In fact, boredom is one of the most intolerable feelings for human beings. But how far does it go? How much do people hate their own company?

A shocking study

One study revealed that people would go to electrifying lengths to avoid boredom. During a 15-minute experiment, a group of researchers provided participants with a unique opportunity. The participants were left alone in a room equipped with a button that, if pressed, would administer an electric shock. Astonishingly, prior to the experiment, all participants had expressed a willingness to pay money to avoid experiencing such a shock. However, when faced with a choice, 67% of men and 25% of women opted to subject themselves to the electric shock rather than simply sitting silently and engaging in contemplation…

The electric rush to escape boredom

Now, let's apply this to real life. Most people would rather be sat in a room alone for fifteen mins than sit in traffic for four hours. Traffic is the epitome of boredom. Picture yourself stuck in an endless sea of brake lights, where time slows to a snail's pace, and even the radio hits start to sound like lullabies. It's in this torturous situation that the notion of electrocuting yourself starts to sound more appealing.

Traffic in the summer

Why electrically shock when you can engage?

Let's take a moment to brainstorm alternative strategies to combat traffic-induced boredom in a more sensible (and fun) way:

  • Carpool karaoke: Turn your car into a James Cordon show. Blast your favourite tunes and unleash your inner rock star. Sing at the top of your lungs and let the traffic jams transform into your personal music video sets.
  • Podcast marathons: Dive into the wonderful world of podcasts. Tune in to comedies, engaging storytelling sessions, or even graphic true crime anecdotes. Let the traffic become the backdrop.
  • Massage seats: Let the gentle kneading soothe away your traffic woes. With every traffic jam, you'll be secretly hoping for more "me-time" in your car, all thanks to that magical massage seat. So, let the traffic come, because now you've got the perfect excuse to enjoy those moments of zen on the go!

So, would you electrically shock yourself to avoid traffic?

While the idea of electrocuting yourself to escape traffic may seem shockingly extreme, it highlights the desperate lengths people will go to evade boredom. But what do you think? Is this a reasonable reaction to the daily rush hour?



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