Audi’s Special Edition RS e-tron GT: An Icy Roar of Power

Just when we thought Audi couldn't surprise us any further, they charge into the game, topping their own best. This time, they've conjured the magic of the Arctic into an embodiment of spectacular design and extraordinary performance.

Meet Audi Sport's RS e-tron GT Ice Race Edition. Inspired by the icy circuits of the annual GP Ice Race in the Austrian Alps, the Ice Race Edition marks the celebration of Audi Sport Division’s 40th anniversary in style.

Audi are set to produce only a minuscule number of 99 stunning Ice Race Editions worldwide, with only four specially equipped to UK specification. Wrapped in the vibrant hues of silver, white, and violet, every unit of this ultra-exclusive sports car is a striking tribute to the crystalline grandeur of snow and ice.

The beauty of this limited edition is much more than skin deep. Its eye-catching exterior hides a mighty beast under the hood. Andrew Doyle, Director of Audi UK, stated, "The e-tron GT's power, performance, and dynamics are nothing short of extraordinary, doing full justice to the RS badge, and offering a degree of exclusivity that is truly exceptional.'

Its interior is nothing short of stunning either, featuring an Audi exclusive leather package in diamond silver and black combination complemented by violet contrast stitching. Audi's fine Nappa leather extends beyond the seats to the upper parts of the centre console, door rails, and door armrests. A round of applause for personalisation!

The high-performance coupe’s acclaimed digital interface has also been customised, offering a bespoke background image on the MMI screen that displays the unique serial number of each of the 99 editions. The ambient lighting switches to purple if a mountain motif is selected, adding more vibrance to the unique interior.

Performance-wise, the RS e-tron GT Ice Race Edition packs a punch with peak power boosted to 646PS, reducing the 0-62mph sprint time to just 3.3 seconds.

This coupe boasts a commendable driving range of up to 295 miles on a full charge. With peak charging capacity of up to 270kW, 80% of the battery’s capacity can be restored in approximately 23 minutes at a fast charger.

The combination of the white and silver represents the icy climate perfectly, priced at £150,630, the RS e-tron GT Ice Race Edition is no less than an icy roar of power, a rare gem of exclusivity, and a grand celebration of Audi’s 40 exceptional years in the industry.



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