What to do when the inside of your windscreen in frozen?

The inside of the car windscreen is especially susceptible to freezing, affecting visibility and making it difficult and dangerous to drive. Fear not, there are ways to tackle this problem. In this blog post, we'll be sharing tips on how to stop your car windscreen from freezing on the inside, so you can enjoy a safe and comfortable journey.

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Reasons why the inside of car windscreen freezes

The reason why the inside of the car windscreen freezes is due to humidity in the car. Any moisture in the car can condense on the windows, especially during colder temperatures, leading to frost on the inside. To reduce the chances of the interior windscreen freezing, ensure the car is well-ventilated, and open windows whenever possible and safe to do so. This will allow the humid air to circulate and be replaced with fresh air.

Moisture-absorbing products like silica gel can also be left in the vehicle to absorb excess moisture. By placing a few in various spots around the car, they can work to reduce humidity levels and prevent frost from forming. Simply leave them in the car overnight and remove them in the morning.

Wet items and pets should be removed from the car to prevent excessive moisture. Damp clothes, umbrellas, or even a wet dog can all add to the humidity levels inside the car. It's best to remove them or keep them in a sealed bag until they can be dried.

Cleaning the interior surfaces regularly and wiping down windows and surfaces helps prevent freezing. Dust, dirt, and grime can all contribute to moisture build-up in the car, making it more likely for frost to form on the windows. By cleaning the interior of the car regularly, you can keep it dry and reduce the chances of the windows freezing.

Applying anti-fog products to the interior windscreen can also reduce condensation. These products help prevent moisture from forming on the windows and keep them clear on cold mornings. You can purchase these at most car accessory stores and follow the instructions for optimal usage.

Using a sun shade when parking the car in exposed areas helps regulate interior temperatures and reduces moisture build-up. If your car is parked in direct sunlight, it can get very warm inside, causing humidity levels to rise. A sun shade can help keep the temperature regulated, reducing the chances of frost forming on the windows.

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Keeping your car windscreen from freezing on the inside is achievable with some simple steps. By ventilating the car, using moisture-absorbing products, removing wet items, cleaning the interior regularly, using anti-fog products, and using a sun shade in exposed areas, you can reduce humidity levels and prevent frost from forming. It's important to keep your car windows clear during winter weather to maintain visibility while driving. With these tips, you'll be able to enjoy a safe and comfortable journey, even on cold and frosty mornings.



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