Has Volkswagen’s EV line-up changed over the years?

Volkswagen was one of the earlier firms to introduce all-electric models, with the firm wanting to break into the e-mobility market before the opposition.

Its first two EVs – the e-Golf and e-Up! – were first revealed in 2013, with sales beginning a year later, meaning Volkswagen will soon have a decade of experience when it comes to electric models. But how has Volkswagen’s EV line-up changed over the years? Let’s take a look.

More range

While early e-Up! and e-Golf models were right for the time, they were limited by the battery technology available at the time.


For example, Volkswagen’s 2013 e-Up! Has a battery of just 18.7kWh capacity, which allowed for a claimed electric range of just 99 miles, and it was lower in the real-world. But battery technology has moved on significantly, and with a particular benefit when it comes to range. Take Volkswagen’s new ID.4, which – when equipped with the 77kWh battery capacity – can manage a seriously impressive 328 miles to a charge. Almost triple that of the brand’s first EVs.

More performance – especially with GTX

Modern-day electric cars also boast far more in the way of performance. Take the early e-Up! again, for example, which took 12.3 seconds to accelerate from 0-60mph, which was slower than plenty of petrol and city cars at the time.


But EVs are now capable of having much larger electric motors, as evidenced by Volkswagen’s new GTX models – its bespoke twin-motor performance models. Available on the ID.4 and ID.5, this powertrain serves up 296bhp, allowing for a 0-60mph time of just six seconds – another huge difference between its early EVs.

More choice of models

Though Volkswagen was quick on the starting block with its EVs - the line-up was still limited to just a small city EV and a mid-size hatchback.


But today Volkswagen’s electric car line-up is extensive, and it’s continuing to grow. There’s the well-rounded ID.3 hatchback, the spacious ID.4 SUV and coupe-styled ID.5 SUV, as well as the funky new ID.Buzz.

Bespoke EVs, rather than adapted from petrol and diesel cars

The other direction in which Volkswagen’s electric cars have moved is into more bespoke offerings. While its early e-Up! and e-Golf were essentially adapted versions of existing cars to EVs, Volkswagen engineered a bespoke EV platform known as MEB.


This has been used on all of its new EVs since 2020, and will continue to be rolled out in the future – bringing technology, spaciousness and dynamic advantages over a conventional petrol or diesel platform.

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