Summertime brings the prospect of some great adventures on the open road. Be that in the UK, over on the continent or further afield, the idea of heading out to explore is a tempting option for many drivers.

But it’s always a good idea to prepare if you’re undertaking your own adventure. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the things you can do beforehand to ensure your trip is trouble-free.

Getting Tyres checked

Give mechanical aspects a once-over

Your car lies at the heart of the summer road trip so it’s paramount that it’s in good working order before you head off. You might want to consider getting it serviced by a trained mechanic, too, with even the basics such as oil and filter changes certainly helping.

Ensure that tyres are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressures and don’t forget to top up the windscreen washer fluid too. Plus, make sure that your air conditioning is blowing cool as, if not, it might need topping up with refrigerant. This is particularly important during the hotter days of summer!

Companies also offer services that are particular to the warmer weather called a summer health check!

Make sure you have paperwork in place

This is particularly important if you’re heading outside of the UK. You’ll need a certificate of motor insurance - which you can get from your cover provider - as well as your vehicle’s original V5 logbook. Passports for anyone in the car will be required too, as will travel insurance documents.

It’s a good idea to have all of these items stored in a file so that they’re easy to access if you’re required to show them.

Close up of a V5
man putting camping chairs away in VW Cali Coast

Pack those must-have items nearby

It’s always annoying when you realise mid-journey that you need something you’ve packed, only to find that it’s submerged underneath loads of other items that you’ve brought along. It’s why it’s a good idea to think about how you’re packing your car and what you might need later on.

So put those big, heavy items lower down the boot - it’ll help with weight distribution, too - and keep the lighter bits that you could need during the journey in a place where you can easily grab them.

Think about travelling at a quieter time

There’s nothing quite like a bit of traffic to put a dampener on that adventuring spirit. After all, very few people imagine queuing in miles of traffic when they imagine an exciting road trip. So, if you’re not on a tight schedule, it might be a good plan to leave at times to avoid the bulk of the traffic. You could leave earlier in the morning to beat the initial rush, or travel through the night instead.

Traffic in the summer
Tyres in the sun

Plan in some breaks

Though it can be tempting to try and nail out as many miles as you can when you’re behind the wheel, taking frequent breaks to give yourself some downtime is paramount. You don’t need to be sat at a service station, mind you - these stops can be part of the adventure.

So before you leave, it might be worth checking out some potential stopovers that offer something different to the norm. That could be a stately home, a pleasant garden to explore or even a farm - there’s a whole lot out there.



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