Car customisation and personalisation

It doesn’t have to mean fitting wild body kits or different wheels to your vehicle. You don’t have to spend a lot, either.

Rather, it can be easy and affordable to personalise your car, with subtle touches able to improve the look of your vehicle, while ensuring it stands out from the crowd.

Always be mindful of how far you personalise your car, as more extreme changes will require you to tell your insurer or risk invalidating it your coverage, too. Here are five easy ways to personalise your car.

Put on stickers and decals

Though they won’t be to everyone’s taste, applying stickers or decals is an easy way to make your car stand out from the crowd. You can be as reserved or as bold as you like when you apply graphics, just make sure they don’t encroach on the glass and apply when the car is clean to make sure they stick.


You could consider applying racing stripes, while manufacturer-branded decals are a good idea (Volkswagen ones on a VW, for example).

LED interior lights

If you’ve got an older car with halogen interior lights, it can make the cabin look a bit dated. It’s why you should consider fitting LED bulbs into the main light, which will not only add extra brightness but give the car a more modern look.

You could also apply LED lights in the footwells, which help to brighten the interior. Just be careful not to make them too bright as they could cause a distraction.

Tint the windows

Darkening the glass on your car is a particularly popular way of modernising your car, particularly as it’s an extra that higher-spec models often feature.


You can attempt this yourself, but it can be a fiddly job to do right, so it’s worth taking them to a professional. Just be mindful that there are limits on how much your windows can be tinted, as the front windscreen must let in at least 75 per cent of light, and the side windows must let at least 70 per cent of light. You can be stopped and fined if the tints are too dark.

Seat covers

If your car’s seats are looking a bit tired, a fantastic way of improving them without splashing out on a whole new set of seats is by fitting some smart new seat covers.

You can buy universal covers, or spend a bit more money on ones specific to your car. Not only do these help to tidy up the look of the interior, but they’re more practical as well as they can be easily removed and washed, along with protecting the seats beneath.

Fit wheel protectors

If you don’t want to stretch to a set of new wheels or pay to have the alloys on your car repainted, a great option can be fitting a set of wheel protectors.


A whole range of brands are available, but Alloygator is one of the most popular. Available in a range of colours (they can just blend in with the existing rim), these add a splash of colour to the edge of your car’s alloys, while also helping to prevent any expensive kerbing damage. You can even use them to hide kerbing marks, too.

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