What is it?

Every mainstream Honda now sold in the UK is electrified in some way, with a line-up consisting of five hybrids and one all-electric car – the Honda e. The latter arrived in 2020 as a fun, innovative urban EV, but due to its nature, was always more of a niche product.

Honda is now looking to break into the mass-market EV space with a new electric SUV – the e:NY1.

What’s new?

At first glance, the e:NY1 does look quite similar to the hybrid Honda HR-V, but underneath the surface this EV is a new model, built around a specific electric architecture.

It uses a new powertrain, which we’ll come onto shortly, while also features the largest touchscreen of any Honda to date, with a huge 15.1-inch screen dominating the cabin, and modernising it in the process. The e:NY1 also uses white 2D Honda logos, which will go on to be used in all its future electric models.

Blue Honda E:NY1 rear view

What’s under the bonnet?

The Honda e:NY1 uses a front-mounted electric motor producing 201bhp and 310Nm of torque. That allows for a 0-60mph time of 7.4 seconds, with the top speed capped to 99mph.

It’s joined by a 68.8kWh battery, almost twice the size of the one in the Honda e, and as a result allows for a claimed range of 256 miles. Based on our test drive, we reckon it shouldn’t take much effort to match this figure.

In terms of charging, the e:NY1 can be DC rapid charged at up to 78kW, which means a 10 to 80 per cent charge takes around 45 minutes. Using an AC charger, it will take around six hours.

Blue Honda E:NY1 charging

What’s it like to drive?

Acceleration is brisk in the e:NY1, as it doesn’t take this SUV long to get up to speed, even by SUV standards. You’ve got to be fairly light with your acceleration inputs from a standstill as there’s that much torque, it can spin the wheels.

The e:NY1 feels more agile than some of its rivals, with a decent weight to the steering providing confidence to push on. In typical electric car fashion, the car is very hushed on the move, while the ride is compliant and comfortable for the most part, only being a touch unsettled by certain bumps in the road.

Blue Honda E:NY1 front driving

How does it look?

As we’ve mentioned, the e:NY1 has adopted similar styling to the HR-V, although there are a range of differences. These include the fact that this EV is a bit longer thanks to its revised bumper, which incorporates the charging port in place of where the grille is on the HR-V.

Around the rear there’s also a smart LED light bar, while there’s new ‘HONDA’ lettering in place of the usual ‘H’ emblem. Overall, the design is smart and stands out, aided further by the cool Aqua Topaz launch colour.

Blue Honda E:NY1 front

What’s it like inside?

The cabin of the e:NY1 centres around the huge 15.1-inch touchscreen. By far the largest fitted to a Honda to date, it’s split into three sections, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto being at the top, a traditional touchscreen in the middle and then a climate menu at the bottom. Having all three functions present is a real advantage, while the screen works exceptionally well.

In terms of cabin space, the e:NY1 offers levels of room more in-line with cars from the class above. Even adults will have plenty of room in the back, while the glass roof fitted to top-spec models floods the cabin with light.

Blue Honda E:NY1 interior

What’s the spec like?

All e:NY1 models come with a generous list of standard equipment, with the range starting with the Elegance, which comes with the likes of keyless entry, the large touchscreen, 19-inch alloy wheels and heated front seats.

Make the step up to the Advance and it gains an electric boot, multi-view camera system, an upgraded sound system and a heated steering wheel.

Blue Honda E:NY1 interior screen


The arrival of the Honda e:NY1 signals the exciting next step in Honda’s journey towards EVs. This is an SUV that drives well, looks the part and comes lavishly equipped as standard.

It might not have the longest range, but we were impressed by the e:NY1’s efficiency on our test route, and it should offer more than enough miles for most drivers. It’s certainly an exciting addition into the electric crossover market.

Blue Honda E:NY1 rear driving



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