Unveiling the Honda ‘0 Series’ EV Models – Saloon and Space-Hub

At CES 2024, Honda announced the world premiere of two concept models from the much-anticipated “Honda 0 Series” launching in 2026. The Saloon and Space-Hub aren't just concepts - they're visions of what electric mobility can be.

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Honda Series 0

Honda 0 Series - Saloon

Meet the Saloon, the flagship concept model of the Honda 0 Series. It harmonizes the Honda man maximum/machine minimum packaging concept, marrying a sleek, low exterior with a spacious interior. The new Saloon sits on a dedicated EV platform, allowing it to be close to the floor offering a low profile.

The charm doesn't stop there: the Saloon seamlessly integrates sustainable materials inside and out, including an intuitive human-machine interface (HMI) that redefines the driving experience.

With first-rate visibility, a sporty driving position, and advancements in steer-by-wire and motion control systems, this concept vehicle is all about driving joy.

A production vehicle based on the Saloon concept is expected to arrive on the market in 2026.

Honda 0 Series - Space-Hub

Next up is the Space-Hub, embodying the motif of "augmenting people's daily lives", according to Honda. The Space-Hub stands true to the “Thin, Light, and Wise” development approach.

It offers a fluid space suited for diverse passengers and acts as a “hub” connecting people to each other and the world, augmenting the very essence of communal connectivity.

The duo, Saloon and Space-Hub, are leading the new global EV series called the Honda 0 Series. This series is not just a technological leap, it's a bold statement symbolizing Honda’s ambitious new direction.

The Honda 0 Series represents an avant-garde approach to electrified vehicles, encapsulated by three core principles: Thin, Light, and Wise.

Honda Series 0

The Series

The new Honda concept strategically departs from conventional constraints of battery electric vehicles, enhancing the traditional Honda philosophies like man maximum/machine minimum. Witness the application of a dedicated "thin" EV platform for aerodynamic excellence, alongside software-defined mobility products making for a smarter, more intuitive user experience.

The Honda 0 Series will also usher in new milestones in design, automated driving, connected technologies, performance, and battery efficiency.

Honda are driving into an electrifying future, where it isn't just about getting from point A to point B, it's about enjoying the journey towards a more sustainable and connected world. Stay tuned for Honda 0 Series; the countdown to 2026 has begun!

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