A celebration of all things yesteryear, it’s a weekend of high-octane action and classic outfits all centred around the famous Goodwood Motor Circuit near Chichester, West Sussex.

This year’s Revival was an absolute scorcher, too, both in terms of the weather and the on-track action. But there was loads going on in the sidelines, too, so let’s check out some of the highlights.

2023 Goodwood Revival pedal cars

Pedal cars take to the track

It’s not just high-powered racing cars that take to the Goodwood circuit - pedal cars race together with kids behind the wheel in the much-anticipated Settrington Cup.

Pilots of classic Austin J40 pedal cars - which originally date back to the 1950s but are then faithfully restored to a high-quality finish - compete on the pit straight. All the pedal cars have working features, too, such as battery-powered front and rear lights and a real horn.

2023 Goodwood Revival sustain fuel

Sustainable fuels

Though Goodwood Revival might be rooted in the past, this year’s event showed that it was also looking well into the future as it hosted its first-ever race using cars powered by sustainably sourced fuel.

The Fordwater Trophy saw a grid of pre-30s Porsche 911s battle out with each one using sustainable fuels from a variety of producers.

2023 Goodwood Revival circus

Circus Galore

The Revival always has a central theme, with 2022’s event, for example, tracking the age of classic sci-fi films. This year, however, was all about The Greatest Show on Earth, which was a famous travelling circus which wowed crowds in the post-war period.

As a result, a huge circus ring was a core part of the Revival setup this year with performers and dare-devils taking to the stage. There were also plenty of circus-themed vehicles to go with it.

2023 Goodwood Revival Caroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby commemoration 

Carroll Shelby is one of the biggest names in motoring and was behind some of the all-time greats like the Shelby Cobra and, of course, the famous Le Mans-winning Ford GT40. To celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday, Goodwood put on a true display of some of Shelby’s finest work. 

Shelby actually competed at Goodwood - and won the 1959 TT - so the famous racer and this historic circuit really do have a long relationship.

2023 Goodwood Revival Best Dressed

Fantastic outfits

Dressing up is one of the core parts of the Revival experience and, in truth, if you aren’t in period clothing you tend to stick out. This year’s event saw people really go for it, despite the heat, with wearers of full suits and classic dresses competing in the ‘best dressed’ competitions each day.

It’s fair to say that with temperatures peaking at 32 degrees, a full tweed suit or a heavy dress wasn’t the most comfortable of choices, but it didn’t stop attendees from getting into the spirit.



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