Life can be hectic and it’s all too easy to neglect the inside of your car. We don’t just mean from a cleanliness point of view, either, but when it comes to the items – precious or otherwise – that we carry with us.

So whether it’s living creatures or rubbish, certain things are important to never keep in your car. Let’s take a look at some top items.

Don't leave valuables in the car


If you don’t want to risk your car getting broken into, it’s a good idea to remove any valuables from your car whenever it’s parked up. Whether it’s a phone, laptop or wallet, if a thief catches a glimpse of these in your vehicle they’re far more likely to break in. It’s a good idea to take any coats or bags out of the car too, as these might attract unwanted attention as well.

If you do need to leave valuables in your car when it’s parked, you should put them somewhere completely out of sight, whether that be in the boot under the parcel shelf or in a place like a glove box..

Aerosols and lighters

Perhaps you leave a lighter in your car for a cigarette or have an aerosol can of deodorant in your car to freshen up. But, again, these items can both prove dangerous in high temperatures.

Aerosols risk exploding in exceptionally hot weather, and you should think twice about leaving them in your vehicle all the time. Similarly, in hot weather the flammable liquid in a lighter can fracture the plastic case, creating an immediate fire risk.

Plastic bottles

If you regularly like to keep hydrated while driving, there’s a good chance that there will be water bottles left in your vehicle. While you might think this is a good idea, these could pose a health risk when the temperature warms up.

That’s because in hot weather heat can break down the plastic, causing it to release poisonous chemicals that could potentially pose health problems. You should regularly take any plastic bottles out of your car and put them to recycle.


Another thing you should never leave in your car is food, particularly fresh products like dairy or meat, which can easily go off in a hot car, or make an unpleasant smell.

Not only this but perishable items can spread harmful bacteria in hot weather. You should always try and keep food cool where possible.

Bottle of cola in a car
Dog in car


Undoubtedly the most important item to leave in your vehicle is your treasured pet. Animals are known to die in hot cars, and it’s something you should never do, whatever the weather, because heat is always exaggerated in a vehicle, especially when there is no ventilation, such as a window or sunroof is open.

Even if it’s not a hot day, dogs try to adapt to the temperature by panting as they sweat through their tongue. If your pet is showing any signs of this, you should never leave them on their own in a vehicle.



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