Britain loves its choccie with an average Brit consuming 11kg per year; that’s an astonishing 1 stone 10 lbs each of us are gobbling up and as that only equates to around 3 chocolate bars per week, some of us, naming no names, are definitely consuming quite a bit more!

If you’re someone who has to have chocolate on hand, no matter where you are, then the chances are you’re eating chocolate in your car and no doubt so are your passengers, be they adults or children.

Dropped chocolate, which has been sat on, or has simply melted due to the temperature in the car, is a sticky nightmare if your car has fabric upholstery and is one very good reason why parents often opt for leather upholstery treated with a stain protector!

Child with chocolate on face

How do I get chocolate of my car upholstery?

If you’ve ever had that sinking feeling when exiting your car, seeing a gooey brown splodge on your seat, you’ll have learnt that a little piece of dropped choccie goes an awfully long way on car upholstery, so what’s the best way to get it out?

  • As soon as you spot it, act, don’t leave it to deal with ‘til later
  • Whatever you do don’t rub at it with a tissue or cloth, you’ll just push it further into the fabric fibres
  • Once you’re at home, run in and get some ice; put the ice on the chocolate stain to harden the choccie and stop it spreading
  • Wait until the chocolate had hardened, then use your windscreen ice-scraper to scrape the hardened chocolate off your seat
  • Be gentle, you don’t want to damage the upholstery fabric
  • Don’t use a brush to sweep up the chocolate scraping, you’ll just spread the chocolate dust around your car
  • Hoover up the chocolate scrapings with your car vac or use the extension on your home vacuum cleaner
  • Wet a cloth and pop some washing-up liquid on it
  • Dab it on the stain left by the chocolate, but don’t scrub at it
  • Keep dabbing and then blot the stain with a dry cloth
  • Keep doing this until the stain has disappeared
  • After all this - DON’T eat chocolate in your car again!

How can I keep chocolate from melting in my car?

If you’re a real chocoholic then you may want to choose your next car based on whether it has a chilled glove-box or centre console!

Just think, no more melted choccie, no more stained seats, just cool, delicious chocolate; whenever you want it! It’s a tempting thought for those of us who love chocolate, so here are a few of the cars that offer somewhere cool to keep your much loved choccie.



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