October is Tyre Safety Month, so, we’re helping you look after your tyres and potentially save yourself some money ahead of the winter months. Here are ten perks of keeping your tyres in top condition.

Save Fuel

Under Inflated tyres can cost you a lot in fuel consumption. TyreSafe found having tyres at just 6psi lower than the recommended inflation causes a 3% increase in fuel consumption.

Properly inflated tyres have a lower rolling resistance, so your vehicle requires less effort to move them.

Your Tyres will last longer!

This one probably seems obvious but Tyres cost money and keeping them in good condition means you won’t have to replace them as frequently.

Regularly checking your tyres are inflated is a must as for every 10% your tyres are underinflated; their wear is increased by 10%. Make sure to check tread and pressure regularly!

Prevent Flat Tyres

Well maintained tyres are less likely to experience punctures, flats, or blowouts. Prevention is the best form of protection, so check your tyres are in good condition regularly to avoid the cost of replacing them.

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Better Traction

Your tyres are the only part of the car that encounters the road, and well-maintained tyres can significantly reduce the chances of an accidents and costly damage to your vehicle. Check out the chart to see how tyre tread impacts stopping distance.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Well kept tyres take the strain off other parts of your vehicle, such as suspension and brakes. Check your tyres regularly to avoid unnecessary costs.

Avoid hefty fines!

You can be charged up to £2500 per tyre for every tyre on your vehicle which is not in legal condition. The minimum legal tread is 1.6mm so make sure to check your tyres are roadworthy to avoid an expensive mistake.

Tyre Tread stopping distance chart

Resale Value

When you come to sell your car, well-kept tyres will increase resale value. Not only will the tyres alone protect the cars value, but tip-top tyres will prevent strain on other components of your car helping them uphold value too.

Reduce Emissions

Because properly inflated tyres improve fuel economy, they also reduce emissions. This could save you money on emissions fees, or fines in certain regions.

Minimised Vehicle Damage

Tyres cushion your vehicle from road impacts, reducing wear and tear and the risk of cosmetic damage to wheels. Properly inflated tyres with the correct pressure act as a far better protection than tyres which have not been well-maintained.

Tyre Insurance/ Warranty Plans

If you’re on a tyre plan you can get the most bang for your buck by maintaining your tyres and regularly checking them. Rather than waste a claim, taking care of your tyres means you will ensure you get he most out of the plan.


Not only will keeping your tyres in good shape save you money, but well-kept tyres provide a safer, smoother drive, getting the best out of your vehicle. Make sure to check your tyre tread and pressure at least once a month, using a reliable gauge. If you want to know what condition your tyres are in, Swansway offer a free Tyre Health Check, helping you to avoid unnecessary costs.

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