Volkswagen has launched a new aftersales package that’s aimed at providing extra support to owners of its older vehicles once their primary warranty has expired.

Believed to be the first time this kind of scheme has been offered by a manufacturer, ‘All-in from Volkswagen’ can be used on its vehicles aged from three to six years old.

The two-year plan comes with two services (one major and one minor), as well as European roadside assistance, a two-year warranty and two MOTs.

Priced from £33.45 per month or £802.80 in one hit, Volkswagen believes it will help owners budget for repairs more easily, as well as saving up to £833 over the course of the two years.

Volkswagen UK director Andrew Savvas said the scheme demonstrated the firm’s support for its owners and their cars was ‘ongoing and comprehensive’.

Savvas added: “The programme, and the investment behind it, proves our commitment to providing an industry-leading package for owners of used Volkswagens.

“A customer isn’t just a customer until they leave the showroom, or even for a year or two after that – our support is ongoing and comprehensive, and reflects the belief we have in our cars, long after they are delivered to the first owner.”

Based on the three- to six-year-old eligibility status, over 500,000 Volkswagens could be eligible for the scheme. However, there are some exceptions, such as electric vehicles, those with an engine larger than 2.0 litres, and cars with over 100,000 miles, while eligible cars will have to be checked by a technician before being allowed onto the scheme.

The scheme will open up to other Volkswagen Group brands such as Seat, Skoda and Audi at a later date.

All-in from Volkswagen

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