Are you a super dedicated gamer?

Ever dreamed of using your car as a giant mobile games console? For Tesla owners, that could soon be a reality.

Taking to Twitter, company founder Elon Musk has called for video game developers to apply to Tesla to help make “super fun games” that take advantage of the tech now fitted in most new cars.

He tweeted: “If you’re into video game development, consider applying to Tesla. We want to make super fun games that integrate the centre touch screen, phone & car [in real life].”

One Twitter user asked if the popular 2016 mobile game Pókemon Go would be making an appearance, to which Musk replied: “Something like that, but more of an adults in cars anime vibe.”

Although Tesla may be planning to develop its own bespoke games for its cars, owners in a few weeks will be able to play some classics from iconic publisher Atari, Musk also confirmed. Another tweet said: “Some of best classic @Atari games coming as Easter eggs in Tesla V9.0 release in about 4 weeks. Thanks @Atari!”

Pac man screen

Musk didn’t confirm a full list of which Atari games would be coming to its cars, although did reveal that 1982 racing game Pole Position will feature — and he hopes to make it playable via the steering wheel when the car is stationary.

Hmm....we're not sure about this one, seems rather distracting for the driver, though great fun for the passenger!

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