What is a full service history?

Fairly simply, a car with an FSH is one that has been maintained at every required interval since it was built, with work carried out either by a manufacturer directly or by an approved service centre.

What makes this so important?

Having an FSH means that a car has been maintained consistently to the standards outlined by the manufacturer when it rolled off the production line, meaning it’s likely to be in the best possible shape it can be. It also means parts will almost certainly be those from manufacturer-approved sources, rather than third parties which may not match the quality.


How can I maintain a full service history?

If your car already has an FSH, it’s easy to maintain by ensuring that service intervals are carried out at main manufacturer dealers or workshops provided by them at the correct times. Service intervals can vary wildly depending on car, so check your owner’s handbook for more information.

How can I check my car’s service history?

Every car should come with a service booked, marked out with stamps denoting the date of a car’s service and how many miles were covered at the time of the work being carried out. If you’re struggling to find it, they’re often bundled in the wallet that also includes the owner’s handbook.

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