This week marks 20 years since the M6 toll opened and it has certainly been an eventful two decades. With highlights including a change of ownership in 2016, the arrival of armed police and fire crews to safely dispose of a smoking bag which emerged to have contained an e-cigarette which was a bit too hot, and most recently the announcement that the road will be equipped with £20million worth of new technology. One thing is certain, the toll has provided a quicker alternative to the M6 Motorway, where everyone has sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic at some point.

M6 Motorway

But toll roads aren't just a way to avoid traffic. They can benefit you in more ways than you might think. They help to cut down on journey time and reduce wear and tear on your car as they tend to be of a higher quality with less congestion. They’re also usually safer as they have more dedicated lay-bys which are well lit.

One less obvious benefit of a toll is that they can save you money. Of course, you must pay to use them but using a toll road will likely help you to save petrol costs as the routes are more direct, saving you many costly miles.

The benefits of the M6 toll specifically are that it's the fastest way to get to most places in the Midlands, including Birmingham, where you'll find our very own Volkswagen Van Centre.

Of course, toll roads come with a price. While the amounts vary, the money you pay is reinvested into maintaining these high-quality roads. Just keep in mind that the M6 toll and Mersey Flow Crossings don't accept cash, so plan and find alternative payment options. And trust us, it's better to pay up than face a nasty fine later.

A lot of tolls now let you pay in advance or online so it might be worth having a look before you set off on your journey to save yourself a job later down the line.

Failure to pay the toll charge may result in a fine which varies on the toll used, Drivers who fail to pay to use the Tyne Tunnel face a £60 fine which is increased to £100 if the issue is not resolved within 28 days.

Drivers who use the M6 toll can create an account and breeze through barriers without having to stop and pay each time.

However, as mentioned above you may save money overall.

If you don’t want to use the toll you need to be careful to avoid them. Thankfully most satnavs now how an option to avoid tolls when calculating routes, helping you to steer clear and take the more conventional routes.

There are currently 23 toll roads in the UK, each with their own prices and their own benefits, the M6 even has its own hotel! Whether you choose to use them or not it is important you plan so you know when to turn on and importantly when to turn off the toll, so you reach your destination in good time.



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