The snappily-named e:NY1 is on the horizon, with this new battery-powered model looking to both expand Honda’s range of EVs while also taking aim at the competition. There are plenty of rivals for the e:NY1, that’s for sure, so it needs to be properly equipped if it’s to come out on top.

Honda ENY1 front

It’ll have enough range for all occasions

Range is absolutely core to an electric vehicle and in that sense, the e:NY1 does very well. Honda states that it’ll be able to return up to 256 miles of range on a single charge, meaning that it’ll still be a great option for drivers who like to venture further afield.

Plus, it can charge at speeds of up to 78kW, so an 80 per cent charge could be achieved in as little as 45 minutes - so there’s no need to hang around at the chargers for too long!

It’s got loads of on-board technology

Honda hasn’t left much out from the e:NY1 when it comes to technology. All models get a huge 15.1-inch infotainment system which houses all key media functions, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity systems.

There’s also a large 10.2-inch driver display which relays all key information relating to range, performance and speed.

It’s based on a new platform

The e:NY1 doesn’t use any of Honda’s other vehicles as a basis. Instead, it sits atop a brand-new platform which allows it to offer plenty of interior space with relatively compact overall dimensions. It measures 4,390mm in length, in fact, so it’s ever-so-slightly longer than Honda’s HR-V.

When it comes to boot space, the e:NY1 offers up 346 litres which is, again, slightly more than you’ll find in the HR-V.

A bespoke app allows you to check on the car’s status

It’s always nice - particularly with an electric car - to check and see how much charge it has left. Fortunately for drivers of the e:NY1, there’s a special My Honda+ app which can give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about your car’s status.

For instance, you’ll be able to check how much range is remaining in the car, but you’ll also be able to schedule when it starts charging - to take advantage of cheaper energy rates - or even pre-cool or pre-heat the interior depending on the temperatures outside.

Honda ENY1 Interior

Lighting on the bonnet tells you about charging status

You might have noticed that prominent scoop at the front of the e:NY1’s bonnet. That’s not for air flow, however, but instead houses some clever lighting technology that’ll be able to tell you the status of the car’s charging.

For example, it’ll move from left to right while the car is charging, flash if there’s been a problem and will even ‘wink’ at you when you’ve disconnected the cable after a completed charge.



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