Going on a car ride with your love interest can cause butterflies in the stomach - until they start driving.

Some habits are cute, some are okay, and then there are the ones that make you want to jump out of the car at the next red light. Here are five common driving “Icks” that can put you off your date pretty quickly!

Driving Too Fast or Too Slow

Speeding is always a huge no-no, but so is cruising around town at a snail’s pace. If your date spends way too much time trying to get up to speed or seems content to drive 10 miles an hour under the limit, you might never make it anywhere together!

Messy Car

Whether it's a random assortment of clutter that takes up every available space, or sticky wrappers left on the floor where they shouldn't be, it's enough to turn even the most romantic of trysts into a dealbreaker.

If your car looks like it has been through a hurricane and back, you'll want to think twice before bringing your date along for the ride! At least give them the assurance that you've taken pride in keeping your car neat and tidy - no matter how chaotic life gets!

messy car

Road Rage

Nothing puts a damper on a blossoming relationship quicker than the dreaded "road rage ick." Any sign of a trigger-happy temper behind the wheel and the lovestruck feeling begins to fly out of the window faster than you can say "toot toot!"

A car ride that should be an innocent jaunt instead becomes an awkward exercise in clenched teeth and overly polite chitchat, both parties silently wishing they were anywhere but stuck in a tiny metal box with someone rivaling The Incredible Hulk for anger management.

So if you're looking for love, make sure to keep your cool when you get behind the wheel - otherwise you might just drive away from your chance at true romance!

Angry man

Bad Parking

From zipping around turns to slamming on the brakes, there are some driving behaviours that no one can appreciate. But nothing takes the cake like bad parking. Whether it’s taking up two spots or accidentally pulling into an angled spot, having to watch your date fumble their way through it can be awkward and aggravating all at once. Even worse is having to uncramp their car afterwards!

If you’re looking for a perfect match, they should have decent parking skills – because if not, maybe it's time to find a different driver!


Nobody likes a tailgater. It's one of the top driving "icks" that can quickly put you off a love interest or partner.

From cars cutting them off to aggressive noise-makers, they never seem to take it gracefully. Then there are those who have a tendency to drive too close to your bumper, even when you're going well over the speed limit -- in other words, tailgaters.

It's enough to make you feel like screaming out your car window and articulating frustrations far beyond what's appropriate for polite society. After all, what's more romantic than being creepily followed in a car? Not much.


Driving isn't just about getting from point A to point B; it's also about having shared experiences together as you go along for the ride. So take note of those pesky driving "Icks" before taking a partner out for a spin next time—it could save you from an uncomfortable journey (or worse)!

And if you've already been caught up in one of these bad habits yourself...well, maybe practice some better driving techniques so your dates won't have any cause for alarm! Happy trails!



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