Looking after your car can play a big role in staying safe on the roads. At Swansway Group we’re all for hassle-free motoring but understand that it can be a bit confusing keeping up to date with all of your vehicle’s parts and gadgets.

Apart from sticking to your service schedule, there’s something else you can do to help keep your car running well - pay attention to the dashboard! Aside from the temperature gauge, speedometer and rev counter, your car could be trying to tell you something.

But do you know what your car warning lights mean? If you don’t, you’re not alone.

They aren’t just a row of bright, pretty coloured pictures! Each one relates to a different part of the car and if you take relevant action promptly, you could prevent mechanical damage and an unwelcome repair bill. However, deciphering these crazy hieroglyphs can be somewhat of an art.

Ignore the at your peril!

Warning lights vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and some will only be relevant to diesel, petrol or hybrid engines. The best thing to do is dust off your car manual and take a look. Then, familiarise yourself with the dashboard so you will spot any new lights as soon as they pop up. A bit of time now could pay dividends if you do get a problem with your car.

Generally, anything red will need immediate attention. Find a safe place to pull over and call for assistance. Orange or green lights are an indication that action should be taken soon but can wait until you get home or find a garage.

Whatever happens, don't panic!

If you don’t know what your car warning lights mean, just ask! Pop in to any Swansway Group Servicing Centre; our technicians are familiar with all makes of car and their warning lights, and will advise you on a course of action.

In the meantime, we’ll help shed some light on the mystery of your dashboard with our warning light quiz. Test your knowledge and share with your friends to show off your motoring know-how!

There's a light hearted quiz below, or find out the 10 most common warning lights and what they mean.

(Answers at the bottom of the page)

Airbag warning light

1.  A - Prepare to head the ball

     B - There may be a fault with your airbag protection system

     C - You're the winner of the bubble gum blowing contest

     D - Your steering wheel is coming loose

Battery warning light

2.  A - A robot is flirting with you

     B - Your car battery is dead

     C - Squint one eye to read number plate

     D - Your battery charging system is not working

Brake warning light

3.  A - Loud noise, put your hands over your ears

     B - You're in for a big surprise

     C - Your handbrake has been left on

     D - Your brake pads need replacing

Diesel particulate filter warning light

4.  A - Your diesel particulate filter needs cleaning

     B - Get ready to play Ker-Plunk

     C - Your exhaust pipe is blocked

     D - Set the balls up to play pool

Glow plug warning light

5.  A - Don't forget your crazy straw

     B - Hairpin bends in the road ahead

     C - Diesel engines only - check glow plugs are working correctly

     D - There is a fault somewhere in your cars wiring system

Find the answers below:



Answers:  1. B, 2. D, 3. C, 4. A, 5. C.


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