What is a vehicle history check?

A vehicle history check is a document which tells you all about a car’s history including key information such as if it has ever been reported stolen or written off.

One type of vehicle history check is a HPI check. These usually start from around £20 but are definitely worth it, as they reveal key information about a car including:

  • If a car has ever been reported stolen
  • If the car has any outstanding finance
  • If the car has a valid MOT
  • How many miles the car has covered
  • If the car was ever recalled by a manufacturer

Each day, 1 in 3 of the cars HPI investigates has a hidden history.

Find out more about HPI checks here


Why doing a vehicle history check is important?

When buying a Used Car, there is a lot to consider. Vehicle history checks make your decision easier by giving you all the necessary information about a cars history so you can see which cars are worth buying.

Cars can be made to look good, disguising a murky past. Having a vehicle history check helps you to pinpoint the cars which are too good to be true so that you only end up with cars which are right for buying.

In total a HPI check will explore around 80 data points to determine if a vehicle can be legally sold, is mechanically safe, and has the same history as advertised.



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