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White Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace front parked by a lake

The best cars on the Motability scheme 2023

automatic motability audi honda seat volkswagen peugeot
Automatic gear selector

The best Automatic Motability Cars

Discover the best automatic cars covered by the Motability scheme for disabled drivers and carers from the likes of Audi, Honda, and VW by visiting Swansway Garages today!

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audi q4 e tron sportback driving countryside

Which electric cars are on the Motability scheme?

mazda-motability mazda motability
Rear view of a white mazda 3

Mazda Motability Guide

Mazda is a Japanese automotive manufacturer, with their cars currently on the Motability scheme where disabled people can lease a car by exchanging their Government funded Motability Allowance.

ds ds-3-crossback ds-4-crossback ds-7-crossback
DS7 parked on road

DS Motability Guide

DS is a practical and innovative brand that currently offers three models on the Motability Scheme, the DS3, DS4 and DS7.

alfa-romeo-motability motability alfa-romeo
Alfa Romeo steering wheel

Alfa Romeo Motability Guide

Alfa Romeo is an italian brand, selling luxury cars. The brand is currently apart of the Motability Scheme which is a simple way to lease a new-car for those who receive the Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

citreon citroen-motability citroen motability
Grey Citroën  C4 Picasso driving on a road surrounded by trees

Citroën Motability Guide

Citroën has been apart of the Motability scheme for over 20 years and believes in giving freedom to all.

bmw motability
BMW 1 Series

BMW Motability Guide

If you are a Motability customer looking for a luxurious and practical car, then BMW is one of the brand you can consider. Let's see what's available on the scheme.

Friends gathered around a Motability vehicle

Good Condition Payment for Motability Customers

As a Motability customer returning your car in good condition pays off, here is how you can ensure you receive a good condition payment.

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front view of peugeot 5008 parked by a beach

Best Motability Cars for going on a Staycation

It's another year of loading up the car and enjoying some time away in the UK.

3008 t-roc volkswagen seat peugeot up ibiza motability motability-cars
White Peugeot 3008 front driving down the street

The best cars available on Motability

The Motability scheme is an incredibly successful one – some estimates suggest it counts for as much as 10 per cent of all new car leases in the UK.

motability motability-scheme
family sat in the boot of a motability car

New Vehicle Payment Increase

The New Vehicle Payment is increasing from the end of February 2023.