The answer is yes, you can. However, there are some legal steps that you need to follow to ensure that you are doing everything correctly. In this blog post, we will explore whether you can buy a car, whether that be a new or a used car, for someone else in the UK and what the legal process involves.

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Firstly, it’s essential to note that if you are financing a car as a gift, the registration must be in your name as the legal owner of the vehicle. However, if you are paying for the car outright, it’s advisable to register the vehicle in the gift receiver’s name. When registering the car in someone else’s name, you will need to provide the DVLA with the necessary details, including proof of ownership and identification.

Adding the recipient as a named driver on the car’s insurance policy is also a crucial step to consider. If you forget to add the other person as a named driver, the insurance may not be valid and could result in an accident. It’s best to explore different options and quotes for insurance policies to ensure that you find the best cover for the car.

Once you have registered the car in the receiver’s name and added them to the insurance policy, you need to update the V5C logbook. This logbook confirms who owns the vehicle, and it’s your responsibility to inform the DVLA of any changes in ownership. To update the logbook, you will also need to provide the receiver's name and address, and the car's registration number.

After updating the V5C logbook, you must ensure that the vehicle is insured and taxed before driving it. This step is essential as you do not want to risk driving the car illegally, which could result in hefty fines.

It’s also good to note that if you are buying a car as a large gift, inheritance tax implications may apply. Therefore, it’s advisable to seek legal advice from a solicitor to ensure that you are not breaking any laws.

Selecting the right car for someone else can be a tricky task. You need to take into account their personal preferences, driving experience, and intended use of the car. For instance, if the person you're buying the car for is a new driver, you may want to choose a smaller and more manageable car to help them build their confidence on the road. Alternatively, if they plan to use the car for long commutes or road trips, you may want to opt for a larger and more comfortable car with good fuel economy. It's important to involve the person you're buying the car for in this decision-making process and make sure they're comfortable with the choice of car.

In conclusion, buying a car for someone else in the UK is legally possible by following the necessary legal steps mentioned above. Registering the vehicle in the person's name, adding them to the insurance policy, and updating the V5C logbook are essential requirements that need to be fulfilled. Remember, taking the time to ensure that the legal process is done correctly will make the gift-giving process much smoother, and both parties will avoid any legal issues in the future.



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