If you're a music festival junkie, then you know how exhilarating it can be! Yet often, the logistics of staying comfortable during the festival can be a challenge. Enter the campervan! The perfect solution to combine the excitement of the festival with a comfortable stay.

VW California interior

Why choose to bring your camper?

Imagine being able to retreat to your cozy campervan after hours of dancing to your favorite bands. No more shivering in a damp tent or missing out on a good shower. Campervans offer the luxury of a comfortable bed, hot showers, your own private toilet, and a kitchen to whip up a quick breakfast before you set out for another adventurous day.

Our Volkswagen California campers are equipped with everything you could need to enjoy a festival, you can enjoy an element of luxury without being too far away from the action.

How do I bring my campervan to a festival?

But how do you go about arranging for a campervan at a festival? Well, campervan tickets are slightly different from standard entry ones and may cost slightly more. However, the comfort and convenience they offer are definitely worth that little extra!

Many popular festivals like Glastonbury, Isle of Wight Festival, Boomtown and others now offer campervan fields. Though these are slightly farther from the action, it means a quieter and restful sleep.

You can also stay at a campsite just outside of the festival grounds. This is often cheaper than staying on site, provides an even more relaxing stay and most of the bigger UK festivals have campsites less than a five minute drive away.

Volkswagen Caddy California, California and Grand California on a beach
Volkswagen California set up for camping on the beach

Positives of attending a festival with a campervan

Worried about security? Campervans offer an extra layer of security not found in tented areas. With campervan insurance, you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are safe as you groove to the music.

Lots of campsites within festival grounds don’t have electrical hook up points. By bringing your camper you won’t need to worry about being completely cut off as the vehicles’ leisure battery should have enough power to last the duration.

Of course, attending a festival in a campervan requires some planning. Ensure your vehicle is in good order before setting off. Also, be mindful of weather conditions and pack accordingly. Remember, you're sharing the space with others, so respect your neighbours for a harmonious festival experience.

A family attending a music festival in a campervan can create lifelong memories. It's an adventure filled with rhythm, colour, and creativity, offering the perfect setting for a family-fun festival.

So the next time you're gearing up for a music festival, consider taking your campervan. Blend the joy of live music and art with the comfort of having your own space. Trust us, it's an experience you wouldn't want to miss!



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