Imagine a scenario where a close friend or family member is in a situation where they need to sell their car, but are unable to do so themselves. Perhaps they have relocated, are occupied with work, or face other constraints preventing them from taking care of the sale independently.

Can you sell their car for them? Can someone else sell your car for you? Let’s find out more.

Can someone else sell my car for me?

Certainly, you can enlist someone else to sell your car on your behalf, be it your spouse, family member, or a trusted friend. However, it is crucial to ensure that all the necessary documentation is properly handled and in order.

What documentation is necessary for another person to sell my car on my behalf?

When entrusting a family member or friend to sell your car on your behalf, certain requirements need to be fulfilled. To ensure a smooth transaction, consider the following:

1. Confirmation Letter

Grant the individual selling your vehicle the authority by providing them with a confirmation letter of intent. This establishes their legal capacity to act on your behalf.

2. Identification

The person selling your car must present two forms of identification. Additionally, they will need to provide two forms of identification for you as the registered keeper. This verification process ensures the legitimacy of the transaction.

3. Vehicle Documentation

The person handling the sale should possess all relevant vehicle documentation, including the V5C logbook, service history, MOT certificates, and any other pertinent records.

What occurs following the sale of your car by someone else on your behalf?

After the sale of your car by another person on your behalf, you can expect to receive the full amount of money from the transaction. Rest assured that the proceeds from the sale will be rightfully disbursed to you.

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