Since ULEZ and CAZ have been introduced, drivers of non-compliant vehicles have faced a daily fee whenever they have driven in these zones.

To avoid these fees, many people have opted to change their car, or retrofit their current car to become ULEZ compliant. However, this can be a costly process.

ULEZ and CAZ guide

How do I make my car ULEZ compliant?

You may be able to make your car ULEZ compliant you can fit a new catalytic converter. This converts harmful gases into less harmful gases but it is a very expensive process may not make your car ULEZ compliant anyway.

You’ll also need to pay for your vehicle to be re-certified by the DVSA. It may be more cost effective to buy a new ULEZ compliant car.

What can I do instead?

There are 2 main options to avoid facing a fee for driving a non-compliant vehicle in Clean Air Zones:

1. Upgrade to a ULEZ compliant vehicle

This can be a more cost effective option than adapting your current vehicle.

If you upgrade to a ULEZ compliant model, you have the option to part exchange your current vehicle, or you could sell it to a buyer like Sell2Swansway, both options will help you make some money towards your new, more efficient car.

The majority of modern cars are ULEZ compliant so you shouldn’t have difficulty finding a vehicle which suits your needs and is ULEZ compliant.

2. Plan your route to avoid Clean Air Zones

This solution is not permanent but if you do not regularly need to drive through Clean Air Zones, you could plan your route to avoid driving through these areas on the odd occasion you’re required to.

But, if you regularly drive through Clean Air Zones it is not a practical approach and we would suggest using one of the other options.



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