What is it?

The BYD Dolphin is a mid-sized, fully electric hatch from Chinese manufacturer BYD. It offers good range, a spacious interior and lots of features and technology. As the second BYD car to launch in the UK, the Dolphin has made quite the impression thanks to it’s affordable price and impressive kit that undercuts potential competitors.

There are currently two Dolphin models available in the UK, the Comfort, and the Design. Both are well equipped and feature the long range option of 265 miles.

Side view of BYD Dolphin

What’s new?

As BYD is a new brand to attempt a UK takeover, everything about the range, and the Dolphin in particular is new. The launch of this model marks a significant leap forward in electric mobility. Priced from £30,195, the Dolphin isn't just accessible; it's designed to cater to the environmentally conscious yet stylish driver.

This vehicle sets a new standard in the electric vehicle market, offering a luxury experience without compromising its eco-friendly ethos.

What’s under the bonnet?

At the heart of the Dolphin's superior performance lies the innovative Blade Battery technology, offering unparalleled safety and range. Engineered to optimize space without compromising power, the Blade Battery stands out for its exceptional thermal management capabilities, reducing the risk of overheating and enhancing overall battery life.

This resilience makes the Dolphin one of the safest electric vehicles on the market, backed by its 5-Star Euro NCAP Safety Rating.

BYD Dolphin parked
BYD Dolphin driving on a road

What’s it like to drive?

The Dolphin is enjoyable and effortless to drive, the BYD Dolphin shines not only in design but also in performance. Equipped with an impressive electric powertrain, it delivers instant torque and impressive acceleration.

The design is focused on lightweight materials and a highly efficient battery system ensures a remarkable range per charge of 265 miles, making the Dolphin not just a city car but a capable companion for longer journeys too. Regenerative braking technology further enhances its efficiency, making every drive exhilarating.

How does it look?

Adopting the new 'Ocean aesthetics' design concept, the Dolphin's sophisticated outline is complemented by sharp crease lines and flowing contours. This design doesn't just capture the eye; it reduces drag for enhanced efficiency, creating a striking presence on the road. LED lighting and bold colour options further accentuate its modern appeal, making the Dolphin visually captivating.

The Dolphin is available in Comfort and Design trim levels, with features such as 17” Bi-colour alloy wheels, keyless entry, a 12.8" Electric rotary touchscreen, and front parking sensors for the Comfort trim, and exclusive features like two-tone paintwork, a panoramic glass roof, and a smartphone wireless charger for the Design trim, elevating the driving experience to new heights.

BYD Dolphin parked
Close up of the BYD Dolphin seats

What’s it like inside?

The cabin is a haven of luxury and functionality, featuring sustainable materials and an intuitive layout that places all controls within easy reach. The centrepiece, a state-of-the-art infotainment system, offers seamless connectivity and entertainment options, ensuring an exceptionally comfortable environment for any journey.

It is at the forefront of technological innovation, equipped with features that enhance safety, comfort, and connectivity. Advanced driver-assistance systems offer peace of mind, while amenities like wireless charging, and voice control functionality ensure convenience is always at the forefront.


The BYD Dolphin is more than just an electric vehicle; it's a statement of intent in the move towards sustainable mobility. With its unique blend of design, performance, and cutting-edge technology, the Dolphin is poised to make waves in the electric vehicle market, offering an enticing option for those in pursuit of eco-friendly elegance. For electric vehicle enthusiasts seeking innovation combined with environmental consciousness, the BYD Dolphin represents an exciting path forward.



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