Volkswagen are rightly renowned for the excellence of their build quality, even if some think they’re a little pedestrian, not built to set the pulses races.

That’s a little unfair as VW do build some fun cars and the T-Roc, compact SUV, is one of them; a great practical family car, with good looks and lively drive.

What can you expect from a used Volkswagen T-Roc:

  • High driving position, which can be missing in many smaller SUV
  • Surprisingly spacious boot, making it great for families
  • Plenty of cabin space for a compact SUV
  • Comfortable ride, great at levelling-out our pot-holed roads
  •  Class-leading safety features, to keep you and your passengers safe

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What’s a used VW T-Roc like to drive?

With three petrol engines and one 2.0 diesel unit to choose from, you may be surprised to know that the entry-level 1.0 turbocharged three-cylinder petrol, may well be the one to go for; it may be small, but it’s pretty mighty, producing 114bhp and making light-work of propelling the T-Roc at a brisk pace.

If you think that won’t suffice, then there’s a 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine which produces 148bhp and if you need to go off-road then there’s also a four-wheel drive version.

Volkswagen T-Roc FrontOne of the most noticeable points is just how comfortable the used Volkswagen T-Roc is when you’re on the move; both for driver and passengers the T-Roc really does give an exceptionally comfy ride.

So, it you want to transport your family, along with all their ‘stuff’, in an SUV that you can park without needing two spaces, but which still gives you the high-up driving position so beloved of SUV drivers.

What’s a used VW T-Roc like inside?

For a smaller SUV you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how spacious the T-Roc is, maybe not for 5 people every day, but certainly roomy enough for a family of 4 and the wonderfully spacious boot, makes family-life a breeze.

And you won’t go short on the tech either with all models boasting an 8.0in touchscreen infotainment system, dual-zone climate control, Bluetooth, a DAB radio, 16in alloy wheels, automatic emergency braking and lane-keep assistance, and yes that’s every model.

And it’s as handsome inside as it is outside, with a chunky utilitarian vibe married to comfortable, supportive seats.

Volkswagen T-Roc Interior

Will a used VW T-roc be reliable?

All Volkswagen models benefit from the exceptional VW build quality and the T-Roc is no exception. Only on the market since 2018 the T-Roc is still a new model and proving to be a reliable family member.


If you want a manageable sized SUV which gives you the high-up driver’s position you like, a capacious boot and a spacious cabin, then take a look at a used Volkswagen T-Roc. Great looking inside and out, the T-Roc may be one of the smaller SUV, but it certainly packs a big punch.

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