By town we actually mean the amazing NEC exhibition centre in Birmingham, which was filled with a cavalcade of amazing motorhomes and caravans!

We had the pleasure of being able to have a wander round and take in some of the astonishing new campers, caravans and motorhomes arriving, on the market, this year.

These vehicles not only provide endless holiday possibilities, but, they also act as an escape from our busy modern lives and deliver a lifetime of memories

Here are our top 5 routes to escape the daily grind:

Grand California 600

Grand California 600

This is an amazing new entry from Volkswagen, the kind of campervans. Given their decorated history, you can understand that whenever VW bring out a new campervan there’s bound to be a buzz.

But, that’s where we have to stop you, because VW have been extremely quick to point out that the new Grand California range are motorhomes and NOT campervans!

The 600 is the smaller of the two Grand Cali’s but there’s still enough room to sleep a family of 4 with all the facilities to make it a special event.

Thanks to the raised roof in the 600 you can have the kids safely tucked away in the bed which pulls out from above the cockpit, whilst you can get a good night’s sleep on the transverse bed to the rear.

Grand California 680

The larger of the two new Cali’s, the 680 features a longitudinal bed at the rear, so you can really stretch out; however in a design quirk, although the 680 is the larger vehicle and set on the VW long wheel base platform, it’s only designed for two people, the driver and one passenger.

It may seem odd that the larger vehicle can only sleep two people, but this motorhome would be your own personal mobile palace!

What’s not to love, with a kitchen area, wet room and dining space; a solar panel on the roof and leisure battery gives access to hot and cold water.

So, you can really getaway, no need for a campsite facilities when they’re all on-board your Cali.

Grand California 680
Caddy Maxi Life Morzine

Caddy Maxi Life Morzine

Heading in the complete opposite direction to the roomy Grand California’s interior is the newly created Morzine camper.

Some bright sparks have been playing around with the interior of the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life and have come up with an inventive interior to create a campervan vibe.

Dubbed, the Morzine, this Caddy conversion isn’t likely to tickle your fancy if you’re pulled towards the Transporter or California shapes; but, if you’re someone who loves the idea of being able to get away from it all in an instant, in something not much bigger than a car, then the Morzine could be perfect for you.

Ford Transit Nugget

Not the most inviting name, probably more suite to a Happy Meal, but, the Ford Transit Nugget is a campervan created on the Ford Transit Custom Kombi model’s frame. The Nugget sleeps 4, with the two possible beds in the Nugget measuring 2m x 1.4m and 1.9 x 1.3m, so there’s decent space to rest.

It also features swivel “captain” seats so once you’ve parked up you can spin around and enjoy a friendly board game or brake out a deck of cards.

While the focus of the show may have been on Volkswagen and their new model range, it also showed that there are now real competitors in the market with other brands to putting together some strong campervan options.

It remains to be seen whether these challengers can command the type of cult following the VW Transporter and California enjoy.

But, from an enthusiast/customer’s point of view, competition in the market is a good thing and will only mean improving products for the future.

Ford Transit Nugget



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