Spread a little joy as you move, by decorating your car

If you’re a lover of all things festive, it’s likely that your house is about to be adorned with twinkly lights and tinsel. Some people go all the way, with a full on Grotto in their home, and others just about put a tree in the corner of the lounge. When you’ve embraced the obvious Grotto you’re going to add to the house, perhaps it’s time that you start looking beyond the house.

Spreading holiday joy is so much more than adding a wreath and lights on the exterior of the home. It’s taking it beyond the house and adding tinsel to your computer at work. You could even spread a little joy as you move, by decorating your car. This is what we want to talk about today!

Decorating your car? That’s Christmas on another level! Letting motorists see that you are a fan of the holiday season? That’s just Christmas cheer on the go. You don’t have to do anything massive; we’re not suggesting that you mount a tree on top of your car (but you could...we’ll talk about it later!).

You may not get to spend as much time as you like at home enjoying the decorations that you so carefully put up. So, having some of that fun in the car as you go can make a difference to your mood and the mood of everyone else around you, too! If the average person spends at least an hour behind the wheel of their car every day, that’s a lot of time to spend looking at your brand new car Christmas decorations. You can get great use out of them, and they’ll get you in the Christmas spirit, too! Not just you, but everyone!

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best Christmas car decorations out there right now on the market. From windshield wipers and red noses to Christmas trees and fairy lights, there are decorations that appeal to everyone. Turn your car into a mobile Grotto, and you’ll never see Christmas in the same way ever again. Ready? Jingle all the way..!


Car Reindeer Antlers & Nose

Is there really a better way to embrace a little cheer than with car dress up? We don't think so. Everyone knows who Rudolph is, and this set is designed for all car sizes. The antlers clip to the side door windows for ease, and you won’t have anything blocking your line of sight, either, so they’re perfectly safe to use. Zoom right down the highway and you’ll likely get beeped as people recognize your holiday effort this year.

Christmas Tree For Your Car

Is there really anything better as a Christmas decoration than a tree for your car? Absolutely not! You need to consider how to add something exciting to the dashboard of your car and this is it! It’s a swing Christmas tree and it’s solar powered, so it’ll work through the day and “charge” with the power of the sun. Now, if that’s not magical, we don’t know what is!

Santa Wiper Decals

Deck the car with Santa wipers...fa la la la laaaa... - you totally sung along to that, didn't you? It’s okay, we did, too.

The back of your car is going to lighten up the mood for every motorist who comes behind you. Not only are they going to smile at the fact you’ve decorated your car, they’re going to pinch the idea from you and get their own. Made from a simple PVC, this car Christmas decoration is a windshield wiper decal that will fit over your car wiper and wave at those other motorists when you turn your windshield wipers on. It’s not just Santa you can buy, there are reindeer and snowman options, too, so be a little different if you like!

Reflective Christmas Lights

There is nothing particularly safe about wrapping Christmas lights around the interior of your car, but that doesn't mean that you can’t get creative. With reflective car Christmas decorations like the stickers for your lights here, you can easily apply Christmas lights to your car this season. They are light magnets, and as they’re reflective they’ll look like they’re lit up to any cars going past you!

Christmas Car Decorations For The Air Vents

The inside of your car needs as much joy as the exterior in our opinion, and it’s not just the fact you can add a Christmas tree to your dashboard. You can add these cute little clip on decorations to your air vents! These are vibrant, cutesy and they come in different styles, too! The glitter makes them stand out as a pretty decoration and they give the interior of your car a Christmas look. You can get these vent decorations in candy cane, snowmen, mistletoe and a Christmas tree.

Frosty the Snowman can come with you while you buy Christmas gifts!

Christmas Toy Car

USB Powered Christmas Tree

Originally marketed as a desk decoration, this USB powered Christmas tree can also be used for the car. It’s pretty, with changing colours and it works to brighten up the mood on the way to work in the darker mornings! You can plug it in and add it to your dashboard so that you can watch the lights change while stuck in traffic.

It makes driving home for Christmas that much sweeter, doesn't it?

Santa Legs For The Trunk

You’ve seen them for Halloween, but Santa has a place in the trunk, too.

Well, not really. It’s not the real Santa, but that doesn't mean that a set of legs hanging out of your trunk isn’t going to do much more than give other motorists a chuckle as they head out for their day, too!

They’re an excellent way to get your car noticed, and they’re a fun, festive way to show the world you celebrate Christmas.

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