Technology designed to enhance our experience

Cars are increasingly becoming more laden with technology designed to enhance our experience, while also making our lives easier.

And a key part of this comes from the infotainment system – the central screen in the car that handles more functions than ever before, often boasting enhanced connectivity and online services.

While the vast majority of new cars now offer infotainment systems, there’s quite a big difference between the best and the worst on offer. Let’s take a look at the stand-out infotainment systems available today.

Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar and Land Rover have really ramped up their infotainment set-ups in recent years, with the latest Pivi Pro system being adopted across the majority of the two brands’ line-ups.

It’s a seriously clean-looking system, and typically features a large touchscreen and digital dial display. Jaguar Land Rover says it was designed to work similarly to a smartphone in its operation, while a separate battery just for the system means the Pivi Pro screen is always ‘on’ and ready to go as soon as the car starts. That means there’s no lagging, like there is in plenty of other systems on the market.

Close up of Land rover dashboard and steering wheel

Audi MMI

MMI, standing for Multi-Media Interface, has been used by Audi for some time, and the brand’s infotainment remains as good as ever. All of the brand’s new models – from the A1 through to the Q8 – come with a large digital dial display and touchscreen, while certain high-end models even get a lower screen to handle the climate settings.

Boasting a variety of connected services, the satellite navigation system is a particular highlight as it is overlaid by Google Maps, making it super intuitive to use. With clear and fuss-free menus, including excellent haptic feedback (essentially you feel or hear a physical click when you press a button), the Audi system remains one of the best around.

Interior of an Audi

Peugeot i-Connect

Peugeot’s infotainment hasn’t always been the best, but the brand has made real progress with the new system on the latest 308 and 308 SW. Known as Peugeot i-Connect, it brings a 10-inch touchscreen and digital display.

Offering slicker response times and connectivity, it’s able to set up to eight different profiles – ideal if a car is shared across a family or business – and now brings wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring too. With new widget and shortcut buttons, it’s a real step up and takes this Peugeot even further upmarket.

Interior dashboard of Peugeot with a flat bottom steering wheel

Mercedes MBUX

Known as MBUX, standing for Mercedes-Benz User Experience, this is one of the finest systems on the market. With crystal-clear displays spread out across a large digital dial display and main touchscreen. High-end versions of the car even feature a cool augmented reality satellite navigation, which actually points to the exit or junction you need to take, making it almost impossible for you to miss your turn.

The system is pretty much fitted to every Mercedes model these days – even the A-Class, the entry point to this German brand’s range. The system can also be operated using control buttons on the steering wheel, as well as using the ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice command.

Interior view of infotainment in mercedes.



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