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What is it?

The TT has become one of Audi’s icons. Debuting in 1998, the generations that have followed since have all been suitably modernised, but without losing any of the charm and style offered by the original.

Available with a choice of petrol engines, the TT continues to be a classy choice, whether you choose it as a Roadster (convertible) or Coupe that we’re trying here. Let’s see what the latest Audi TT has to offer.

What’s new?

Audi has kept updates on the latest TT relatively small, with this latest car featuring slightly more powerful engines to boost its performance credentials. The design has also been inspired by other modern Audi models, with further differentiation for the various trim levels, particularly S line and Black Edition models. There are new seats too, along with the addition of two bright paint colours – Turbo Blue and Pulse Orange.

What’s under the bonnet?

Though Audi offers more powerful Audi TTS and Audi TT RS models, here we’re focusing on the standard TT Coupe. All versions these days use a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine paired to an S tronic automatic gearbox.

It comes in two styles - the 194bhp 40 TFSI and 242bhp 45 TFSI, with the latter getting quattro all-wheel-drive. There’s a noticeable difference in performance, with the less powerful version hitting 60mph in 6.4 seconds, while the 242bhp version achieves it under five seconds.

What’s it like to drive?

With the 242bhp engine, you question the need for the sportier TTS model as it provides more than enough punch, while the gearbox is smooth when doing its thing, or you can change over with the manual paddles.

The steering has plenty of accuracy to it, while there’s little body roll too. With quattro all-wheel-drive fitted, the Audi TT becomes a car you can truly use in all weathers. Just be cautious of versions fitted with the larger alloy wheels, as the ride is rather firm. Entry-level Sport versions provide the best comfort.

How does it look?

Audi has been evolutionary with the TT’s design over the years, but despite minimal updates it remains a sleek model. Its compact shape is refreshingly different from the large SUVs that tend to dominate the roads today, while sharp lines and twin exit exhausts at the rear ensure the TT has plenty of presence. You can choose a slightly sportier look with the S line too, while the Black Edition brings a stealthier and more muscular look to the table.

What’s it like inside?

Again, Audi hasn’t messed with the TT’s interior too much, but it remains an excellent place to spend time. There’s no central touchscreen at all, and instead the large digital instrument cluster handles all media operations instead. It gives this Audi a classy and minimalist look, though some might find it a bit too sparse by modern standards. The quality throughout is absolutely top notch as well.

Though the TT Coupe does have rear seats, they are very cramped, so treating it as a two-seater with a decent-sized boot is the way to go.

interior of an audi tt
orange audi tt

What’s the spec like?

Regardless of version, all TTs get plenty of equipment, with entry-level Sport versions still equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels, Xenon headlights, a retractable rear spoiler and Audi’s Virtual Cockpit system.

S line versions bring LED headlights instead, along with large 19-inch alloy wheels and leather and Alcantara sports seats. Make the step up to the Black Edition to get a fixed rear spoiler, black styling kit and 20-inch black alloy wheels, while top-spec Vorsprung models pack Matrix LED headlights and a top-notch Bang & Olufsen sound system.


Though the TT might not be the freshest model in Audi’s line-up, it remains a truly excellent sports car. Offering a stunning level of quality, it’s still good fun to drive, while the all-wheel-drive option provides great scope to use this coupe all-year-round. Strong performance and the TT’s classy and elegant design add further appeal too.

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