Audi’s line-up of SUVs is now wide and varied, incorporating a number of different models in varying sizes and designs. The Q5 has been a member of this gang for a long time now, too, and has cemented itself a place as one of Audi’s most popular SUVs.

But alongside the Q5 has appeared a new spin-off - the Q5 Sportback. It’s got a more dynamic exterior design, but what do these two cars offer and why should you be considering them? Let’s take a look.

Audi Q5 Sportback

Exterior design

Obviously, the most striking difference between the Q5 and the Q5 Sportback is the way the two look. The standard Q5 has a traditionally upright, boxy design which has proven to be a real hit with buyers over the years. It’s also available in a number of specifications, with sporty S Line models really striking a chord with owners thanks to larger alloy wheels and sportier design overall.

The Sportback, meanwhile, has an altogether more impactful design. The core of the change resides in that roofline; it’s more heavily raked than the regular SUV’s, while the boot line is a little sharper. Tied together, it provides a whole new take on the Q5 recipe.


Both cars exhibit the kind of high-quality interior we’ve come to expect from Audi. High-end materials are used throughout, while the general fit-and-finish is excellent. You also get Audi’s latest infotainment system, while the high-definition Virtual Cockpit setup which has become a staple in this brand’s cars is included as standard.

As you might expect from the roofline, rear-seat headroom is slightly reduced in the Q5 Sportback, but it’s still more than plentiful for most passengers.

Audi Q5
Audi Q5


There are engine choices aplenty when it comes to the Q5 range. Traditional petrol and diesel choices are covered with 2.0-litre versions of both, available in both 40 TDI and 45 TFSI models respectively. They all get quattro all-wheel-drive for improved traction in slippery conditions, too.

More recently, plug-in hybrid versions of both the Q5 and Sportback have been introduced, promising reduced running costs and lower emissions. They bring a lot of performance, too, with up to 362bhp available from 55 TFSI e models.

Finally, there are the range-topping SQ5 and SQ5 Sportback models. They both use a twin-turbocharged V6 diesel engine with an impressive 336bhp which can help these models go from 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds. Despite this, they’re still capable of returning up to 34.4mpg - which isn’t bad for a car of this size and performance,

Boot space

Boot space is a primary factor for buyers in the SUV segment. As you might expect, there’s plenty of room to be found in the Q5’s boot, with up to 550 litres available in the standard SUV model. Opt for the Rear Bench Seat Plus option - which allows you to slide the rear seats forwards and back - and this can be increased to 610 litres simply by moving those chairs.

Opt for the Sportback and boot space does drop by 510 litres, so there’s a slight penalty for going towards the sloping Sportback. Seats-down space is affected too, with the Sportback’’s 1,480 of total space 70 litres down on what you’d find in the regular Q5.

Audi Q5 Sportback



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