What is it?

Audi’s A3 is something of a household name. Having been around for some time now, it has come to represent premium motoring in a compact package, making it a hit with a variety of buyers with all manner of requirements. The latest model has gone in heavy on the technology front, with a new platform affording it more space than before too. Needless to say, there’s a lot to look at - so let’s dive in and check it out.

What’s new?

As we’ve already mentioned, the new A3 is underpinning by a brand new platform. This not only gives it more interior space than before, but also means that it's ready for more electrified powertrains in the future - something Audi is very keen on doing. We’ve also got an updated look that builds on the appearance of the previous generation car, while the A3’s interior has been given a variety of cutting-edge screens.

What’s under the bonnet?

You’ve got a wide variety of engines to choose from with the A3, ranging from compact petrol and diesels right the way through to ultra-efficient plug-in hybrids. A 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol will no doubt prove the right choice for many, while a 2.0-litre diesel will be the go-to option for long-distance drivers. The plug-in hybrid, meanwhile, combines a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor and batteries for rock-bottom fuel costs. 

What’s it like to drive?

Audi has really upped the refinement for the latest A3, meaning that it feels even more comfortable and relaxing to drive than before. Of course, opt for larger wheels and the ride can be made to feel a tough fidgety, but for the most part, it’s relaxed and comfortable. The steering is relatively accurate, too, ensuring that you can place the car just where you want it. Though many models are solely front-wheel-drive, there’s plenty of traction too.


How does it look?

The new A3 is immediately recognisable as an Audi, but it’s a far classier affair than its predecessor thanks to a variety of chrome elements and sharply designed head and tailights. The Sportback looks particularly distinctive, while a range of bright colours can help to make it stand out even further. It’s certainly a well-executed design and one which ties the A3 into the rest of the Audi line-up well.

What’s it like inside?

As we’ve already mentioned, the new A3 benefits from a completely redesigned cabin which affords its occupants’ plenty of space. Those sitting in the back get a good degree of leg and headroom, while those up front have a clear and open view of the area ahead of them. When it comes to boot space, there’s a healthy 380 litres to play with in the A3 Sportback and this can be extended further by lowering the rear seats down.


What’s the spec like?

Standard equipment on the A3 Sportback is impressive, to say the least. All cars benefit from a 10.1-inch central infotainment screen which houses all of your main media and navigation functions. This is then backed by a digital instrument binnacle which can be optionally upgraded to Audi’s full virtual cockpit. All cars also get both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing for quick and easy integration of your smartphone into the car’s system. 


Audi had quite a job on its hands of replacing the ever-popular A3, but it appears to have hit the nail on the head with this latest version. It’s more refined than before with a good variety of engines to choose from, while the interior feels even more premium than the one found in its predecessor. Certainly as a car for all occasions, the A3 makes a very solid case for itself.

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