Most cars are full of top tech, from biometrics to keep your car secure, to tracking systems to help you remember where you parked. Every new model seems to outdo the last with more driver assistance, car gadgets and widgets than ever before.

There’s still a way to go to find the most convenient car, given the time pressures of modern life. Let’s face it, we’d choose even more car gadgets if it helped us save time and effort. Here’s our ideas for a few additional driving aids that we’d appreciate in our cars...



We’ve all been there: out driving somewhere we aren’t supposed to be or spotted by someone we’d really rather hadn’t seen us.

It’s times like this that we’d love to be able to flick a switch and… poof!... disappear, car and all.

Tea/Coffee Maker

How many times have you arrived at your destination parched and ready for a brew?

A tea or coffee maker, perfectly programmed to have a steaming hot, barista-quality cuppa ready for you as you park up. Simply lovely!

Fully Body Workout

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know we should, but when do we ever have time to get to the gym for a regular workout?

What we need is a resistance steering wheel or built-in rowing machine that we can use while parked at traffic lights. Goodbye wobbly bits, hello summer body!

Self-Washing Car

Another thing we know we should do regularly but really, when do we get the time?

How fantastic to be able to just flick a switch and… tadah!... a gleaming, clean car. Throw out your chamois leather and enjoy a clean car every day.

Foot Massager

After a long day at work or out socialising, what better than a relaxing foot rub?

Sit back and unwind for a few minutes before you set off on your drive to re-invigorate those tootsies using the massage function on your foot pedals.

Fridge Freezer Compartment

Ever gone food shopping only to arrive home to a defrosted mush in the boot of your car? How cool (literally) would it be to have a fridge freezer compartment in your car?

Shop at any time of the day, safe in the knowledge that all’s good on the frozen food front.


Automatic Tyre Re-Filler

Most cars are now very good at letting us know when our car’s tyres need a little extra air.

What they don’t do is drive you to the garage and fill the tyres for you. We’d love a self-filling tyre that would top up itself. No more standing at garages in the rain.

Refreshing Car Carpets

No matter how many times you try to clean it, there’s always a ton of grit and crumbs in the footwell of your car. If only you could peel away the layers of dirt for a clean carpet every time.

No need for a valet, just easy-peasy, peelable carpets.

Food Warmer Plate

We’re used to seeing chilled compartments in cars but fast food always tastes better hot.

Keep your tasty treats warm with an in-car food warmer. Simply place your takeaway in the temperature-controlled glove box so it’s ready to eat when you are

While we’d love to see a solution to these daily car challenges, remember that these car gadgets are just for fun.

Tell us your ideas for a car gadget that you’d like to see as an optional extra in your next vehicle. Fun or sensible, it might be the next must-have in-car feature.

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