Why should you consider it and what are the reasons to buy one?

Volkswagen’s Multivan has recently arrived in the firm’s range, forming a practical and spacious part of the line-up. Acting as a replacement for the older (and quite popular) Caravelle, the Multivan brings a more car-like take on the traditional people carrier layout.

But why should you consider it and what are the reasons to buy one? Here, we’re going to take a look through.

It’s spacious

As you might expect, the Multivan offers loads of interior space. There’s seating for up to seven people, but plenty of clever cubbies and storage areas can help to keep the interior of the Multivan tidy no matter how many occupants you’ve got along for the ride.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Multivan is based on the same platform as the latest Volkswagen Golf. It does mean that it’s able to offer a more car-like driving experience than the older Caravelle.

It’s available with a hybrid powertrain

Though the Multivan is available with a traditional diesel engine, it can also be specified with a super-clean hybrid setup. Combining a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor and batteries means that the Multivan - in plug-in hybrid form - can offer drastically lower emissions than a regular van.

It’ll even manage up to 31 miles of electric-only running, meaning that trips to the shops or school can be conducted without any need for the engine’s assistance.


It’s got the latest technology

Because it uses the same platform as the Golf, the Multivan brings some of the very latest technology that Volkswagen has to offer. That includes a 10-inch infotainment setup in the middle of the dashboard, which is where you’ll access all key navigation and media functions.

Plus, all models will get LED lights as standard, along with Volkswagen’s super clear digital dials.

It’s flexible inside

Flexibility in a van is no bad thing and that’s definitely the case with the Multivan. The rear seats are placed on rails, which means that they can be slid forwards or back depending on whether you need more legroom or boot space.

Plus, those rear seats are individual chairs - rather than benches on the older Caravelle - which makes them far easier to remove entirely, freeing up loads of interior space.

There’s loads of boot space

If you’re transporting a good number of people, then you’ll want a decent boot. Fortunately, the Multivan delivers in this area. Even with all the seats in place you’ve got 469 litres of space on offer, but this rises considerably once you start removing seats.

Take those rearmost seats out and there’s 1,844 litres on offer, or a huge 3,672 in the area up to the front seats. Opt for the longer wheelbase version and this jumps to an impressive 4,035 litres.

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