The Honda Jazz is one of the most capable and impressive small cars on the market, excelling thanks to its superb practicality and low running costs.

The latest generation of Honda Jazz arrived in 2020, boasting a far smarter design and also a hybrid-only powertrain to enhance its appeal. Honda has now announced a number of key updates to the Jazz for 2023. Let’s find out what’s changed.

Improved drivability and enhanced hybrid system

This updated Jazz retains its predecessor’s hybrid powertrain, pairing an economical petrol engine with twin electric motors, but tweaks as part of this update see the model now boasting 14bhp more, increasing the power output to 120bhp.

Honda has also revised the automatic transmission to make it smoother and more engaging to drive, improving the way it drives in the process.

Side view of Honda Jazz

New range-topping Advance Style trim level

A main addition as part of this update is the new Advance Sport trim level, which arrives as the new flagship in the Jazz line-up. The model comes painted in an exclusive Urban Grey paint finish, along with black mirrors and a sportier grille. Inside, there’s also suede and grey synthetic upholstery and a new three-spoke steering wheel.

However, to live up to its ‘Sport’ name, Honda has also made some further changes. These include a revised throttle mapping that gives this trim additional driving power, while a stiffer suspension setup helps to increase traction and cornering speed.

Honda Jazz driving on a road

Evolved exterior design

It’s not just the Advance Sport trim level that benefits from styling changes, however, as the rest of the Jazz line-up does too.

The grille, for example, is more defined than before, while the darkened headlights improve the look of the Jazz. The rugged-looking Crosstar trim level also gets new details such as matching side skirts and new alloy wheel finishes, as well as a new exterior called Fjord Mist Blue.

Option to tow for the first time

Though small cars like the Honda Jazz are never going to be used to tow large trailers or caravans, an increasing number like to have the option of being able to have a tow bar.

Previously, this wasn’t offered on the latest Jazz. However, following customer feedback, the Jazz is now mandated to tow up to 500kg, meaning a small trailer can be hitched up or a bike carrier can be mounted to the tow bar.

two Honda Jazz

Enhanced safety technology

The Honda Jazz was already one of the safest small cars on the market, aided by its suite of driver assistance technology and impressive Euro NCAP safety rating.

Honda has now improved the array of safety features on the Jazz further, thanks to utilising a wider angle, higher-definition camera that can now recognise verges without kerbs and markings, while the Traffic Jam Assist function can also offer steering support at any speed above a standstill.

Close up of a Honda Jazz front view



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