A road trip can be a bit of a mixed bag. First, you are enamoured by all the excitement of travelling, then over time, things sour a little.

Maybe your passengers, especially your children, become bored easily. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could easily find somewhere close by to give them a rest and perhaps a little entertainment too? Or, maybe you just need something to tell you the location of the next gas station. Well, all this is possible. All you need to do is a little preparation before your next road trip. We are living in the age of the app, so all these little annoyances can be made a lot easier. Companies have spent a lot of time and effort trying to come up with ways to reduce the stress of a road trip.

Here are 11 apps that will improve your next road tripping adventure.

Google Maps

We’ve all heard of it. It’s free and massively extensive. It can allow you to plan your journey as well as alerting you to traffic jams and other roadside issues along the way. It can advise you of alternative routes which avoid accidents and speed things up. Moreover, it lets you know where decent restaurants, shops, and other forms of entertainment are along the way. 



Waze is a navigation app like Google Maps, but it has a few extra features in comparison. It uses GPS data from other users and offers real-time traffic information, such as where accidents are, where speed traps are, and it informs you of changes in driving conditions too, as well as a lot more. It is often voted as the best navigation apps there is.


Gas Buddy

The clue is in the name. This app advises you where the next gas station is and keeps you updated on gas prices, allowing you to make comparisons.



This is a great one when you’re all bursting for the loo. It is a toilet finder and can definitely be of use in those desperate moments.

Greatest Drive

Are you bored of travelling on the same old roads? Well, this app actually allows you to avoid the interstate and take the scenic route instead. You can find some stunning, winding, country roads which offer you that rustic holiday feel. You will get the chance to rate the route on how scenic, winding, and fun they were to take once you have finished too. 



No road trip should be taken without music. You will need to hear those regular beats to keep you on the straight and narrow. Spotify offers its users a copious amount of different music styles. 

YouTube Kids

Do the children often get bored back there? Well, why not download this app. It is child-friendly, meaning only child-rated content will be shown. It offers them such an abundance of shows that they will become so absorbed, they may stop annoying you.

Family Car Games - $2

This is the only app we have mentioned so far that has a cost applied to it. However, it is well worth the price. It gives you over 100 games and activities appropriate for the car and everyone inside. All you have to do is read the rules of the game, then set your phone aside and start playing.



This parking app allows you to book and pay for a parking spot prior to arriving. This is great for those places where you know parking can be a bit of a nightmare. It is at heart database of parking spaces across the country. But it is constantly updated. It also allows you to make price comparisons of the available parking lots so you can find your way to those cheap parking spots with no trouble.


Hotel Tonight 

 If you are going on a long journey and know that you will need a place to stay, then you need to download this app. It doesn't matter where you are, you will be able to find a decent hotel to stay in, and at a reasonable price to boot.  



If you are road-tripping along the interstate for a large portion of your journey, this app will make it a lot easier. It is a fantastic resource that advises you on all the amenities coming up along the way. You will be able to discover which restaurants are nearby as well as gas stations, grocery stores, hotels, even hospitals, and more. It will show you where the upcoming exits are with icons for each amenity. It also advises you just how far off route you will need to travel too.

More Motoring Apps


Hunting for somewhere to drop your car off can be virtually impossible at times, especially in a big city, but AppyParking makes the job a little less stressful. It shows spaces on a clear, colour-coded map – simply drop the pin where you want to park and it’ll tell you about local parking restrictions. You can also search for off-street bays and public car parks, plus electric charging points, and when you’ve deposited your vehicle, the app has built-in navigation to take you back to it. Best of all, you can pay through the app, including extending your time without having to return to your vehicle.



Most of us enjoy listening to music behind the wheel, but if you have a long commute and want entertaining or fancy broadening your literature horizons, then audiobooks may be the way forward. Audible is Amazon’s own library of downloadable audiobooks and it’s the most extensive on the market. The companion app works really well, too, and is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay giving you a super clear and integrated interface.



In-car computers can sometimes be inaccurate when it comes to keeping tabs of fuel economy or maintenance. Drivvo takes care of this for you; simply input your details and it’ll chart just about everything to do with your vehicle. The fuel tracker feature is especially handy, allowing you to chart business and personal mileage separately. Opt for the paid version, and you’ll have an ad-free experience with all your data’s kept safe in the cloud.


TuneIn Radio

In-car DAB often isn’t the greatest in quality or signal strength, so internet radio is a great alternative, with a stable signal wherever your phone can access its data network. There are almost 40,000 radio stations to choose from, so even the pickiest listener will be able to find something they’re interested in.There are numerous apps around, but we like TuneIn best because of its stable signal, easy-to-navigate interface and vast number of stations.


Official Driving Theory Test

What if you’re not a driver, but an eager learner just waiting to pass? The DVSA’s official theory test app is ideal for swotting up on your skills before you take to the wheel. As it’s direct from the government, it’s the most up-to-date and accurate of all the numerous apps available. Combine with one of the excellent hazard perception practice apps on offer and you’ll be well on your way to passing.


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