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What are the best cars for babies and young families?

Make sure you have a car that’s perfect carrying all the bits and bobs that come with carting the little one around.

Having a baby can be a nerve-wracking time, so anything you can do to relieve the stress can only be a good thing.

One such way to do this is to make sure you have a car that’s perfect carrying all the bits and bobs that come with carting the little one around. For example, while prams might fold down to make them easier to transport, they can still be pretty big, so making sure the boot is big enough is important.

The best types of cars tend to be five-door models, estates, SUVs and MPVs – basically anything with a decent-sized boot and easy-to-access rear seats. When looking for a car, you can search online or look at a manufacturer’s website for the boot specifications. It’s often given in litres so it’s easy to compare between models, but you might find you need to find the width to make sure the pram will fit.

ISOFIX is important

It’s not just boot size that’s important, because you’ll need somewhere to attach your baby seat. What you need to check is whether a car has ISOFIX points, which are metal hooks that make the infant seat integrated with the existing seat, making it much safer.

What’s the safest way to transport a child?

Aside from the ISOFIX points, there are a few other things to consider. For example, you should secure the child in the back seats as these are statistically safer than the front.However, if you do have to take them in the front, you should make sure the seat is facing away from the direction of travel. You must also disable the passenger side airbag – one analyst likened the force of an airbag hitting your baby/child seat as that of taking a punch from a professional boxer. You can usually find the switch for this in the glovebox or underneath it.


Here we’ve collected together some of the best cars for new parents on a variety of budgets.

Up to £25,000

Peugeot 2008Peugeot 2008

Peugeot has been on a roll in recent years, updating its range to have a wide variety of stylish superminis, hatchbacks and SUVs, with the 2008 being the latter. It looks fantastic but it’s still relatively small, so it’s not intimidating to drive. There’s a good range of engines, too, while if your budget can stretch a bit further there’s an electric version for full eco-friendly points. It’s practical, but also incredibly nice inside, so despite its relatively low price it still feels like a premium product.

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Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf

When it comes to family cars, there are few names that pop to the top of the list quite as quickly as the Volkswagen Golf. It’s available as both a hatchback and estate so if you need the extra space you can have it.The eighth-generation version hasn’t been out too long, so you’re getting a stylish car with a modern, tech-filled interior. Like the Peugeot, there’s also a good range of petrol, diesel and electrified powertrains, meaning there’s something for everyone.

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£25,000 to £35,000

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

Honda has been a low-emission powertrain trailblazer and with the CR-V you’ll find a striking, practical SUV that’s only available with a hybrid powertrain. That means it’s great on fuel so running costs are low.It’s also got a good-sized boot for prams and other baby-related goodies, as well as large rear doors that make getting a child seat in and out easy.

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SEAT Leon Estate

SEAT Leon EstateFor a while now, SEAT has been establishing itself as a genuinely brilliant alternative to other Volkswagen Group products. It brings the German firm’s build quality but adds a little more stylish fun.The Leon Estate is a great example of this as it has all of the practicality you could need with a tech-heavy cabin – but a much sharper look than the latest Golf.

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Over £35,000

Land Rover DefenderLand Rover Defender

If your budget can stretch a bit further the new Land Rover Defender is a fantastic family car – though we’d recommend the five-door ‘110’ model because the three-door ‘90’ has a much smaller boot.The latest generation of Land Rover interiors are some of the best in the business, with an excellent infotainment system and stylish designs. The rear doors are easy to access, while the raised ride height means no bending down to adjust the seat.

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Audi A6

Audi A6

Another larger car for those on a bigger budget is the Audi A6. Being a saloon or estate it offers a very different ownership experience to the Defender, but in many practical ways it’s even better.While you lose the raised ride height, you gain a lot in the way of boot space, especially if you opt for the cavernou Audi A6 Avant (estate). Audi’s interiors are up there with the Land Rover’s too, thanks to its excellent twin-screen infotainment system.

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