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Meet the new Volkswagen ID Range

As the world continues its slide towards a greener future, there’s increasing pressure on manufacturers to develop their electric vehicle technology.

So brands all over the world are starting to pour a healthy amount of cash into their Electric Vehicle (EV) research & development.

One such brand to open their wallets are Volkswagen. The German manufacturing giants have launched into the market with their brand new ID range.

Equipped with the hatchback offering ID Neo, the crossover-type SUV ID Crozz and even a stab at the first all-electric VW Campervan, the ID Buzz;- the world is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Volkswagen in the all-electric market.

So what can we look forward to? Let’s meet the team!

ID Neo

The Neo is being set out as the first ‘affordable’ electric car from the VW range. They’re hoping that this new-age hatchback will match the success of the Golf.

In fact, Volkswagen have some extremely high hopes for the Neo. They’ve claimed that it will be as iconic as the original Beetle and the Golf. Both of which went on to be some of the best selling cars ever and are synonymous with the brand.

This hope is more than translated in the exterior design. With more than a whiff of the Golf about it. Volkswagen are stating that even the base level Neo can complete around 205 miles on a single charge. However the range topping version will be able to power its way through 372 miles on one charge.

The Neo should be available to purchase in 2020, so there’s plenty of time for you to get the most out of your old Volkswagen before Volkswagen 2.0 hit the shelves

ID Crozz

Is it an SUV? Is it a crossover? Is it a sports car? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s… we’re not quite sure.

Well in truth it’s all of the above, obviously apart from the bird or plane bit! Developed by VW as something as an all-rounder the ID Crozz will feature all-wheel drive. This ensures that the Crozz is able to tackle most driving terrains with relative ease.

The sports car element comes in which the technology, Volkswagen are pumping in. Word on the German street is that the Crozz will be capable of reaching up to 310 miles on a single charge and achieve a top speed of 111mph.

The Crozz will continue to baffle the mind with its interior, no B-Pillars and sliding doors make it look like something Jamiroquai would wear on his head! But what these features do mean is that there’s bundles of space for everyone to fit in comfortably.

ID Buzz

The next addition to the ID family is possibly the most exciting or divisive of the bunch, dependant on which side of the fence you’re planted.

The ID Buzz is the first attempt by VW to recreate the iconic Campervan in EV form. The T2 is renowned world-over for being the poster van of camping coolness and has legions of loyal fans and admirers.

This it makes it one of the more difficult models to reimagine in another form. However with acres of floor space there’s plenty of room for a powerful enough battery to ensure this beauty is able to complete 0-60mph in 6 seconds. The Buzz’s battery also ensures that the camper can travel up to 600 miles on a single charge.

The large floor space concealing this brilliant battery power means you get acres of space in the back, which is amplified more when you consider that all-eight seats can swivel to face each other.

We all knew that the next few years were going to ones of exciting change in the motor industry, there’s new technology popping up, seemingly, every day. But companies like Volkswagen have always remained ahead of the curve.

This could be the biggest curve the auto industry has ever faced. Only time will tell whether the ID range hits the lofty ambition and expectation which has come with VW over the years. One thing is for sure at the end of all this though, they look cooler than a seal’s flipper!

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