Car News 08/10/2021

Honda confirms 2022 launch for new Civic Type R

The new car, which has been showcased will arrive on the roads next year.

The new car, which has been showcased for the first time wearing heavy camouflage, is expected to bring more performance than its predecessor - though it’s likely to use the same 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine as the car it replaces. 

Now, Honda has said that the Civic Type R will undergo dynamic testing at Germany’s Nurburgring. The famous ‘Green Hell’ is often used as a benchmarking area for performance vehicles, owing to its testing surfaces and numerous high-speed corners. 

Though wearing camouflage, some design elements for the new Type R can be clearly seen. Most noticeable is the large rear wing, which appears to be even larger than that fitted to the car it replaces. Up front, there’s a large splitter which will no doubt help to increase the car’s aerodynamic properties. 

Given that the ‘regular’ Civic has yet to arrive in the UK, it’s likely that the Type R variant will arrive during the middle of next year. 

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