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Hero Driver Dives Through Car Window to Save Another Driver

Police dashcam captured the incident which occurred at a junction in Dixon, Illinois.

Hero driver to the rescue

A driver suffering a seizure was saved from a potentially disastrous situation after a fellow motorist leapt through the window of his moving car to help.

The incident was captured on dashcam by a passing police car. The footage shows a Volkswagen Jetta drifting very slowly through a red light in Dixon, Illinois, holding up traffic and capturing the attention of the police cruiser.

Following the Jetta, the police put on the blue lights and attempted a stop, but one heroic bystander got there first.

The heroic driver stops his truck and dives into the Jetta to help the driver who’s having a seizure.

Randy Tompkins, 39, was forced out of the way by the Jetta as it drifted onto his side of the road. He reversed his pickup, but quickly realised something was wrong with the driver and took decisive action.

Tompkins got out of his truck and ran to the aid of the Jetta driver, leaping headfirst through the car’s open window. Seconds later, the brakes were on and the car was safely stopped.

The driver was having a seizure, Tompkins told the Chicago Tribune.

“He had his arms up by his chest. I didn’t know if the guy was gonna push the gas, jerk the wheel or whatever, so, I waited as long as I could to back up.

“Once he got about a half-car length away from me, I parked my truck at an angle and jumped out of my vehicle.”

The Dixon Police Department released the footage along with a statement, praising Tompkins for his actions. “Tompkins and the two officers stood by until Dixon City Fire arrived and transported the driver to KSB Hospital,” it said. “We want to thank Tompkins for his heroism and for coming to a complete stranger’s aid!”

Though the footage was captured in July last year, it has recently surfaced thanks to a thread on viral site Reddit.

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