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Here's why the SEAT MÓ electric scooter is perfect for you

SEAT’s electric scooter is ideal for riders, young and old.


The humble scooter has endured as one of the best ways to get around, particularly in the city, thanks to their small dimensions and nippy performance making them ideal for tighter streets.

The SEAT MÓ is what happens when you take a traditional idea and apply some future thinking, making it a future-proof form of transport right here and now.

What is the SEAT MÓ?


The SEAT MÓ eScooter 125 is an electric scooter with performance equivalent to a 125cc motorcycle. It makes 9kW and 240Nm of torque, making it capable of going up to 59mph.

It has a range of 85 miles, but what makes the 5.6kWh battery interesting is the fact that it can either be charged at a home or public charger, or removed and replaced with another unit.

How much does the SEAT MÓ cost?

The SEAT MÓ is incredibly affordable, with prices starting at £5,800** after the Government’s plug-in vehicle grant. It’s also available on finance should you choose to spread the cost across monthly repayments.

When it comes to running costs, these will be impressively low too. If you can charge at home, you can time it so that you’re only charging at less expensive hours such as overnight, but even if you have to pay for public chargers, it should still be considerably cheaper to run than a non-electric equivalent.

Who should buy a SEAT MÓ?

Anyone who undertakes journeys in towns and cities where they don’t need higher speeds or huge mileage from their battery will find this eScooter appealing.

For example, young people such as students looking for an affordable way to get around will likely find the SEAT MÓ’s running costs much lower than trying to keep an old car on the road. It could even open job opportunities for those who can’t afford a car and would otherwise be forced to walk or get public transport.

It could also be an excellent option for caravanners and motorhome users. It’s common to buy a small car to take on your travels so you don’t have to drive your bulky vehicle every time you leave the campsite, but the MÓ could be a fun and more easily transportable alternative.

Delivery drivers too, might find the SEAT MÓ an excellent alternative to the traditional scooters favoured by last-mile delivery firms. If you’re buying a scooter anyway, why not take one that costs you less per mile?

And finally, if you’re a business with offices in multiple locations, but close by to one another, the electric scooter could be a fun way of improving productivity by allowing staff to travel between offices or warehouses. Furthermore, it’s a great way of showing staff that green options are out there.

Can anyone ride the SEAT MÓ?

On the SEAT website, it says that because the MÓ is equivalent to a 125cc class scooter, you’ll need either an A1, A2 or B licence.

You’ll be able to see which apply to you on the bottom of the front of your licence as well as the back.

The My SEAT MÓ App

You can get real-time updates and alerts for your MÓ by downloading the My SEAT MÓ app onto your smartphone. You can:

  • Check your battery level
  • Track its location
  • Review total mileage
  • Check CO2
  • Receive alerts for low battery, maintenance, anti-theft alarm

The app is compatible for both Apple and Android devices, you can download it from your app store.


**Including the OZEV Electric vehicle grant. OZEV stands for the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and is a team working across government to support the transition to zero emission vehicles (ZEVs). The discount on the on the road price of a brand new SEAT MÓ is already applied. To find out more, visit the OZEV website here

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