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Approved Used Up! GTI for sale

VW has long been known for a range of interesting, storied and even legendary car models, and this legacy is continued in the urbanite Up! GTI.

Following on from an extremely successful Up! range, the GTI offers a 116 horsepower variant of the Up!’s 1-litre engine, boasting three cylinders.

The vehicle is sleek, nimble, but with larger doors allowing for comforting passenger rides. While the GTI is not electric like the later model, the E-Up, it offers great fuel economy, and thanks to its popularity has seen prices rise in the midst of 2020, two years after its release.

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How Has The VW Up! GTI Evolved Since Release?

After a year and a half of successful selling, the Up! GTI sales were temporarily paused by VW, and soon after resumed with a lightly refreshed and recalibrated model.

The newer version of the Up! GTI offered a turbocharged 1.0 litre engine with 115bph, providing a nice 0-60mph timing of 8.8 seconds - that’s extremely snappy and quick for a car of this size. This is aided by the comfortable-to-operate six-speed manual gearbox.

Furthermore, the vehicle comes with 17in alloy wheels as standard. Of course, the letters ‘GTI’ often bring a sense of sporty ambition with them, meaning that the red detailing affords your GTI a sleek, modern look.

Not only this, but the suspension has been improved and the lightweight refresh means that enhanced traction and nimble responsiveness makes this a joy to drive. It’s truly a modern care for modern road applications, and ultimately you’ll feel more comfortable behind the wheel than you had anticipated.

The five-inch colour composition screen is also useful for your standard entertainment needs.

For this reason, the Up! GTI would be a fantastic vehicle for the resident of a city or town, as a daily driver for work, or perhaps a first car for a new driver.

This vehicle is also important for those who wish to have less of an emission output, but who aren’t quite ready to adopt an electric vehicle as of the moment. Renewed innovation means that the refreshed up! line has lower power output as standard, meaning that the performance is much more accessible compared to comparable models at the same price point. Of course, some might raise an eyebrow seeing that kind of performance reported from VW, but it does seem as though this innovation has truly paid off.

Advice For Buying A Used/Second Hand Up! GTI

Our excellent used Approved Used Up! GTI cars provide you with a technical overview of the vehicle, a range of pictures of the model, and a plethora of contact options to engage with one of our experts.

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We’re also interested in helping you consider the long-term affordability of running this vehicle, and so as a consequence, we give you fuel consumption and emission statistics, as well as a thorough analysis of the technical specs to help you understand exactly what you’re buying.

We also showcase the efficiency of your vehicle so you can calculate how cost-effective this model may be to run.

What Different Options Are Available?

As the Up! GTI is considered the highest trim level of the Up! series, it has all features offered in lesser trims as standard, and more. This includes:

  • 17 inch Oswald alloy wheels.
  • GTA branding and badges for a subtle, yet boastful design.
  • Jacara checked cloth upholstery, which beautiful in multiple light levels, and comfortable.
  • Ambient lighting.
  • Available in both three-door or five door styling, making it suitable for young professionals or small families.
  • New safety equipment.
  • The refreshed Up! GTI was the first VW vehicle in the United Kingdom to feature the VW’s new corporate branding.
  • Heated front seats and adjustable mirrors.
  • Fog lights as standard.

For how compact and confident this vehicle is, it’s quite impressive to see how many features and reliable upgrades have been fitted. This has all been achieved with VW actually lessening its weight profile, an impressive engineering feat to say the least.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information above. However, errors may occur. Check with your local centre about items which may affect your decision to purchase. *Please disregard the mileage unless it is verified by an independent mileage search.