Wrexham fans outside a Volkswagen showroom

Wrexham Fans FC

Supported by Wrexham Volkswagen

Formed in 2012 by fans of Wrexham’s football club, the team has gone from strength to strength, with fans finding as much pleasure being on the pitch as spectating from the sidelines!

The original team members arranged one weekend to meet at a local field, shirts and boots at the ready. It soon became clear that this group of very talented young men could play together as a team, and that they could win.

Wrexham player come manager Matthew Thomas, was soon appointed to the IFA League, and have since taken on some of the most experienced sides in the league. As the confidence in the team grows, it has seen a fantastic improvement in recent games. Watch this space!

For full details of game fixtures and timetables, visit http://wrexhamfansfc.co.uk/