Volkswagen Digital Roadmap

Get smart. Not stuck. With new Volkswagen map updates.

Avoid the queues and get there without going around the houses, with our latest map update.

Sat Nav - More Miles of Road

More miles of road

Greater coverage including newly constructed roads.

Sat Nav - Precise Route Information

Get to your destination faster

Precise route information avoiding unnecessary diversions.

Sat Nav - Points of Interest

Many new points of interest

Thousands of new POI's at your fingertips, across 78 categories.

Sat Nav - Economical Driving

Economical driving

Money and environmental impact.

Sat Nav - Defensive Driving

Drive more defensively

Updated speed limits, regulations and turning restictions help you plan ahead.


Current in-car systemPrice
RNS 50 £99
RNS 310 £99
RNS 315 £109
RNS 850 (Touareg only) £159

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