Volkswagen Bulb Replacement Offer

Get your new bulbs fitted free of charge, all you have to pay is the cost of the bulb. 

Call us on 01270 864447 ​ for Crewe, 0161 3180604 ​ for Oldham or 01978 503518 ​ for Wrexham to book in today.

Why do my bulbs need to be changed?

✔ Faulty/defective bulbs need to be replaced immediately to ensure road safety.

✔ If a headlight is out, you won't be able to see the road ahead properly.

✔ If a brake light is out the person following you may not stop in time.

✔ You could also be stopped by the police and issued with a fixed penalty or vehicle defect rectification notice.

What do we do?​

✔ We will check all your bulbs to ensure they're working correctly, free of charge.

✔ We'll tell you if any need replacing and usually we replace them free, as part of our Service Promise.

✔ We are also able to quote you for other types of bulbs, such as LED or Xenon lights.